The Equal Opportunity Team of the Faculty of Physics introduces itself:

V. l. n. r.: Cornelia Geller, Samira Webers, Marika Schleberger, Anna Semisalova​

Katharina Ollefs

The goal of the Faculty of Physics is to contribute to implementing the principle of equal rights for women and men. It is her task to improve the compatibility of studies, career and family for students and employees.

The Equal Opportunity Officer of the Faculty of Physics and her deputies are at the disposal of all

  • students,
  • scientific employees,
  • employees in technology and administration,
  • professors

are available to all students, scientific staff, technical and administrative staff and professors of the faculty as contact persons on the subject of equal opportunities.

Equal Opportunities Officer (elected on September 25th 2019)
Dr. Cornelia Geller

   Prof. Dr. Marika Schleberger
   Dr. Katharina Ollefs
   Dr. Anna Semisalova
   Samira Webers