Studies abroad (Energy Science and Physics)

A stay abroad during your studies offers the opportunity for unique experiences and has many advantages. At this stage of life, a stay abroad is relatively easy to arrange. In addition, it offers the opportunity not only to further your professional and linguistic education, but also to broaden your personal horizons and collect plus points for your professional future.

Stays abroad for Energy Science and Physics

Semester or year abroad

Probably the most typical way to go abroad during your studies is to spend a semester or year abroad at an Erasmus+ host university. In addition, there is also the possibility to write a thesis abroad.

Internship abroad

The completion of an internship or research stay abroad offers the opportunity to learn a new language and culture at the same time as gaining initial experience in the working world. Various programs facilitate a research or industry-related internship abroad.

Freemover / Visiting students

Many universities abroad offer the possibility to enroll as a visiting student for one or more semesters. In addition to the normal living costs, tuition fees may be charged. Such a stay must always be organized individually and independently.

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Contact persons at the Faculty of Physics

If you have questions about a possible stay abroad, please contact the contact persons of the faculty as a Physics / Energy Science student.

Prof. Dr. Martin Mittendorff

Dr. Eric Parteli

Raum MG 364

Dr. Eric Parteli

Dr. Anne-Kristin Pusch