The good supervisory relationship at the Faculty of Physics provides the ideal framework for PhD students to carry out an independent research project.

Registration of the doctorate before starting the research work

(Inclusion in the list of doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Physics)


Please note the admission requirements for a doctorate:

  • relevant Master's degree (e.g. Physics/Energy Science for Dr. rer. nat. and Teaching Physics for Dr. phil. nat.)
  • Grade of the thesis and overall grade at least "good".

Please send all required documents in advance digitally as pdf files by e-mail to the doctoral advisor
( in advance!

In § 6 of the doctoral regulations you will find a list of all documents that you must submit to Ms. Knoblich in the Dean's Office. Ms. Knoblich will check the documents for completeness.


Documents to be submitted (before the start of the PhD)

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Application and declaration of admission to the doctoral procedure (see valid doctoral regulations)
  • Declaration of the supervisor

Also to be submitted independently:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • High school diploma or university entrance certificate (scans are sufficient!)
  • Master's certificate, Bachelor's certificate, Master's certificate and Bachelor's certificate (originals must be submitted)
  • Certificate of equivalence from the International Office (for degrees obtained abroad, will be requested by Ms. Sandra Knoblich)

Once your application for admission to the doctoral procedure has been approved, you will receive confirmation that you have been included in the list of doctoral candidates.

You will automatically receive the supervision agreement together with the approval of your application for admission to the list of doctoral candidates.

This supervision agreement must be signed by you and your supervisor and the signed original must be submitted to Ms. Knoblich.

Enrolling as a PhD student

Since the winter semester 2021/22, there is an obligation for doctoral students to enrol at the UDE. For enrollment, the enrollment system requires a confirmation from the doctoral committee (letter of admission).

You will receive this confirmation automatically once you have been accepted onto the doctoral candidate list.

Three years have passed and I have finished and would like to submit my dissertation - what do I have to do?

The following documents must be submitted

  • Written application and declarations for admission to the doctoral examination
  • Current curriculum vitae (including current postal address, date and place of birth, nationality, matriculation number)
  • Five copies of the dissertation in bound form as well as five copies of publications related to the doctorate (all handed in to Ms. Knoblich)
  • An electronic version of the dissertation (USB stick or CD).
  • A summary of the dissertation in English and German with a maximum length of 1 page.
  • Statements 2e to 2h from § 7 of the doctoral degree regulations.
  • Proof 2i from § 7 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations (proof of achievements in the qualification phase must be signed by the supervisor).

When submitting the documents, the name of a second assessor can be provided (in writing with contact details).

The chairperson of the doctoral committee then checks all documents and forms an examination committee.

The doctoral candidate will receive a written notification of admission to the postal address.

Further course of the procedure

The doctoral advisor will inform the doctoral candidate by email as soon as the reviews have been received (see Section 9 (3) of the Doctoral Degree Regulations).

Once all reviews have been received, the doctoral candidate can fix a date with the examination committee and inform the doctoral advisor by email.

Please note: According to § 9 para. 3 of the current doctoral degree regulations, the display period is 2 weeks plus 1 week objection period for the university teachers. The disputation can only take place after this period.

The doctoral supervisor reserves the room for the defense.

After completion of the examination, the version of the dissertation accepted by the examination committee will be published in the UDE Central Library.

The certificate from the library confirming the publication of the dissertation must be submitted to the doctoral advisor when the certificate is handed over.

The doctoral advisor will inform you by e-mail as soon as the certificate has been received. If it is not possible to receive the certificate in person, a power of attorney can be used for a selected person.

Premature termination of the PhD project

In the event of premature termination of the PhD project, please notify the PhD advisor in writing

Download the guide in German (pdf)

PhD regulations

Please note that you select the exam regulation relevant to you

Doctoral Degrees Lectures

The introductory lecture of the disputation is open to the public. An overview can be found under the following link.

Overview of the Doctoral Degrees Lectures