Why gender equality?

From the Women's Promotion Plan of the Faculty of Physics, valid from December 1st 2017 to November 30th 2020

2. Formulation of objectives

As in previous years, the faculty will actively work to recruit and qualify female students and staff during the term of this Women's Advancement Plan. Specific goals in this regard are:

  • To increase the proportion of women, particularly in W3 professorships, but also in all other positions, including permanent or full-time positions. In order to increase its proportion of female professors, the faculty aims to achieve an equality quota of 18 % in accordance with § 37 a HG NRW.
  • The proportion of women seeking further qualification should at least correspond to the proportion of female doctoral students (keyword cascade model).
  • In addition, the faculty aims to maintain the quota of women among the scientific staff at least at the level of the quota of female graduates (keyword cascade model).
  • In particular, the proportion of women doing doctorates should, despite possible fluctuations, on average at least correspond to the proportion of female graduates with a shift of approximately three years.
  • The proportion of female graduates should at least correspond to the proportion of female students.
  • For the future reporting phase, the Faculty Council will appoint a person who will strive to achieve the goals and perform ongoing quality assurance in close cooperation with the Dean's Office.
  • The goal continues to be that women with doctorates become acquainted with all further qualification opportunities (post-doctoral phase, habilitation, junior professorship) and take advantage of them (compared to men) at least on an equal footing; this also includes targeted support during their work at the UDE
  • Central events, such as colloquia, are scheduled during family-friendly core times.
  • The faculty wants to improve the working conditions and task assignments of jobs predominantly occupied by women in the areas of technology and administration. The goal is to upgrade such jobs to make upgrading possible in the medium term.
  • Measures to attract female students are to be continued and intensified in order to further increase the proportion of women among students.