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Start in study


In order to help you get off to a great start in your studies, the Faculty of Physics offers pre-courses. These free and optional courses are not part of your bachelor's degree but are your chance to prepare yourself perfectly. In addition, you will get to know your future fellow students.

Pre-Course (in German)

Orientation Meeting

The orientation meeting takes place right before the beginning of the semester under leadership of the Faculty of Physics. As a freshmen, you will receive all important information about the organization of your first semester as well as the entire study program. You will receive information about the Orientation Meeting in good time before the start of your studies on the pages of the physics student council.

Student Council Lehramt Physik & Technik (in German)

Free use of Mathematica by teaching license

Through a contract of the Faculty with the company Wolfram Research Inc. it is possible for all members of the Faculty of Physics - including students - to use Mathematica freely on their own computer.

More information (in German)