What do you need to do?

  1. You can request the emergency caretaker by calling 0201 82 14 68-0 or by calling  0800-801007080 (free). In general, care should be registered 24 hours in advance. No gqrantee of care can be given for shortterm emergencies.
  2. Access: You can pick up the key (Legic) to the childcare room in advance or on the day of care during office hours in the Dean's Office. Immediately after the care, the key must be returned to the Dean's Office.
  3. Costs: You must fill in this form (in German) to receive the costs from the faculty. You are required to insert the form into the mailbox of Mrs. Manuela Wodarczak in a sealed envelope right after the care.
  4. The childcare room can be found in the Dean's Office room MC 247, which is also the meeting point with the caretaker.

If you have any questions, please contact Manuela Wodarczak.