Formalities at the end of your studies

You have passed all required courses; you have done your industrial internship and finished your final thesis? Congratulations! It will take some time until your final thesis is corrected and the result shows on the transcript of records, but after that your complete course list should show on your transcript of records.

Please contact the examination office (Prüfungsamt) at this moment of time and report to the officer in charge that you have finished your studies. Thereby you ensure that your graduation certificate is processed. In case there are still any obscurities, they can be addressed on this occasion.

Once your graduation certificate is issued, you can fetch it from the Examination Office. If you are not able to drop in personally, please make sure to leave your postal address with the Examination Office.

Request for exmatriculation/removal from the register of students (form)
Link to “Antrag auf Exmatrikulation”


Examination Office (Prüfungsamt)