Sea Ice Project

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We explore the sea ice of the Marginale Ice Zone of Antarctica

Summer School at the UCT Curious about ice - Summer School in Cape Town

What effects does climate change have on the ice masses in the marginal ice zone of Antarctica? In order to answer this and other questions about the Antarctic and to give students from different countries the opportunity to better study the conditions of the Antarctic, an international Summer School was held at the UCT Cape Town from 22-28 January.

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Winter-Cruise 2019 Report on the Winter Cruise 2019

In July and August 2019, four scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen embarked on a three-week expedition to the Southern Ocean and the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) of Antarctica. Together with 100 scientists from 13 nations, they travelled on the South African research vessel S.A. Agulhas II to investigate the properties of sea ice in numerous experiments.

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Conference Visits Current presentations of the project

In the past, talks on the Sea Ice project have already been given. Here you can find the reports of the talks.

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Spring-Cruise 2019 The preparations for the Spring-Cruise 2019 have begun.

The Spring Cruise starts in October 2019 from Cape Town. For seven weeks, scientists, also from the UDE, will be travelling in the Southern Ocean. Preparations are running at full speed.

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Participating Institutes at the University of Duisburg-Essen

The Sea-Ice project is led by the Institute of Mechanics of Prof. Jörg Schröder and the Institute of Material Sciences of Prof. Doru C. Lupascu of the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Sciences.