Research - Tracing of intelligent Logistics Objects

Project description

The aim of the research project "Tracing of intelligent Logistics Objects" is the development of a highly innovative, camera based analyzer system for the generation of additional information for the reduction of complexity with the tracing of logistic objects as well as with the acceptance, maintenance and control of complete logistic systems.

Because the analyzer system is based on a autarkic innovative information technological concept and is used for the addition of existing systems of observation, monitoring and quality control in the field of logistics its compatibility with preferably many systems has to be ensured. Thereby the intelligence is in the control of logistic systems by a clever provision of necessary information so that an efficient and therefore optimal process cycle will be assured.

In the acceptance existing problems like slow and cost-intensive processes and different statements of the parties in case of disputes are to be solved by opening new types of contract, processes or further opportunities. The result of the present joint research project provides this superior aim.

Furthermore the system can be used both for the continuous and the required monitoring of the technical systems and therewith for the maintenance of the systems because with the aid of camera based analyzer systems failures and other deviations can be early identified.

The system is also suitable for the automatic control of technical installations by identifying processes and necessary conditions and interrelations autonomously with the help of its visual and informational data sources so that deviations can be corrected without manual intervention.

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The independent dynamic and stochastic information retrieval from moving and static images in real time and after temporal decoupling as well as the retracing of identified objects and of changes in the system efficiency using this graphical material is in the center of the spectrum of tasks of the analyzer system.

The result of the successfully completed research project consists of demonstrators in specific application areas, each of which consists of a custom design to the specific conditions and the underlying technology for synchronous film evaluation with software and hardware components. The synthesis of the independent dynamic and stochastic information retrieval from moving and static images with elements fromsensor and information and communication technologies provide an intelligent and efficiency oriented system.

Thus a new analysis technique results in logistics in which innovative types of scanner and reader independent tracing, e. g. of individual objects, can be applied and material flow systems regarding to the efficiency can be evaluated and belonging relevant data can be gained automatically. The collection of necessary information with low effort is on the facilitation of a permanent and comprehensive tracking of logistics processes and objects and related data management.

Faster and slimmer processes in the foreseen application areas by abdication of a multiplicity of steps of reference, more precise diagnostics in case of failures and a better efficiency of the systems are, independent of the operational area of the demonstrator, the advantages of the developed system.

Using the newly developed innovative system concept which will be used for the flexible application with acceptance, maintenance and control of logistic systems with a supportive image processing and software library, existing processes and whole systems are to be monitored and even improved, so that the general principle of versatile logistic systems can be realized.

By abdication of scanning and reading processes and their substitution by the independent dynamic and stochastic information retrieval from moving and static imagesnew standards of evaluation possibilities result in the logistic environment.

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EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr Lead subject

Changeable Logistics Systems

Project funding

Excellence Cluster competition, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project start

June 2010

Project duration

60 months (until May 2015)