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Updated: 2016/6/17

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Official start of the research project LEAN: Logistics heavyweight begins research cooperation with UDE on lightweight solutions in intralogistics
Dear students,
due to the final group game of the german national team during the EURO 2016, the lecture "Intermodale Transport Chains" on 06/21/2016 will be postponed to the another date. The date will be announced later!

Dear students,
for the following lessons dokuments will be provided on the Moodle-platform (www.moodle.uni-due.de, Registration with Uni-ID):

Lagerlogistik (Warehouse Logistics), Intermodale Transportketten (Intermodal Transport Chains), Fabrikplanung (Facility planning), Arbeitswissenschaft (Ergonomics), Rechnergestützte Modellierung (Computational Modeling). Registration key: tulsose

Timetable SoSe 2016

The students will only register to the workshops "System Engineering Methods" and "System Engineering & System Optimization" by using the Moodle-Plattform. Registration date: 04/05/2016. Details read the infors at the Moodle-Plattform.

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