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Project description

Transport and logistics is concerned with the planning and execution of the world-wide shipment of goods and people. In this highly competitive, distributed, and agile industry, novel ICT solutions for optimizing the collaboration and information exchange in cooperative business networks are highly desirable. Future Internet technologies can facilitate radical improvements in business efficiency in this industry with positive impacts for society and the environment. The ultimate aim of the FInest project is to develop a Future Internet enabled ICT platform to support optimizing the collaboration and integration within international transport and logistics business networks. This shall be realized as a domain-specific extension of the FI PPP Core Platform.

As the initial FI PPP use case project focusing on international freight transport, the FInest project will design the envisioned solution and provide detailed specifications for its technical realization, define a representative set of real-world use case scenarios with detailed plans for conducting large-scale experiments, and design a suitable Future Internet experimentation environment for transport and logistics. The technology design will be driven by the actual business requirements determined by domain experts. The central research activities of the project will be the identification and detailed definition of the Generic Enablers required from the FI PPP Core Platform, and the analysis of existing R&D results for developing the domain-specific capabilities.

A comprehensive strategy for the dissemination, exploitation, and standardization of the platform will assure substantial impact and prepare for the broad industrial application of the project results by external stakeholders. To contribute to the overall success of the FI PPP program, the FInest project will closely collaborate with other projects and align with the mechanisms and regulations for the program-wide collaboration.

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Project management

Dr. Rod Franklin
Kühne + Nagel Management AG

Industrial partners

Kühne + Nagel Management AG, Schweiz
SAP AG, Deutschland
IBM Research Labs, Israel
MARINTEK, Norwegen
Ålesundregionens Havn (Hafen von Ålesund), Norwegen
Tyrholm & Farstad, Norwegen
Arçelik A.S., Türkei
KoçSistem A.S., Türkei
NCL Shipping, Norwegen
Air France / KLM Cargo, Niederlande

Project funding

FP7-2011-ICT-FI (Public-Private-Partnership-)/PPP-Initiative: Future Internet

FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Use Case scenarios and early trials

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Project start


Project duration

24 month (until 31 March 2013)