Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. rer. nat.Lisa Voskuhl

Interests: Environmental Microbiology | Microbial Life in Oil | Microbial Dynamics at Water/Oil Interface, Hydrocarbon-Producing Algae, Algae-Bacteria Interactions in Context of Hydrocarbon Degradation | Microbial Community Assembly and Structure | Biodiversity

Faculty of Chemistry - EMB
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstr. 5
45141 Essen

Office:   S05 V07 E08

Phone:  +49 201 183 6612


Curriculum Vitae

Team Assistant

Agathe Materla

Office:  S05 V03 F36

Phone:  +49 201 183 6602


Bachelor Student Hilal Kaya

Topic: Isolation and characterisation of new Algae-Bacteria consortia

Bachelor Student Michelle Kulbatzki

Topic: Algae-Bacteria Interactions in Context of Hydrocarbon Degradation

Master Student Tobias Urbansky

Topic: Natural Oil Seeps and the role of inherent Algae-Bacteria communities

Student Assistant Lea Willemsen

Topic: Algae and Bacteria | Molecular work | Laboratory support


Master students

Rudolf Walter, M. Sc. (2024)

Research Interns

Jana Knaup, B. Sc. (2024)

Julia Banholzer, B. Sc. (2023)