Master Programme „Urban Culture, Society and Space” at a Glance

Related Professional Fields:

The “Urban Culture, Society, and Space” program is geared towards the following fields:

  • Strategic city planning and development (specific topics like development clusters, creative milieus, etc.)
  • Moderating and mediating formal and informal participatory processes in urban development
  • City marketing, city promotion and cultural management (image building and increasing soft location factors, management of large-scale events)
  • Urban consulting
  • Urban research

Target Competencies

  • Fundamentals of urban semiotics and urban hermeneutics
  • Methods for analyzing and contextualizing cultural forms of expression
  • History of the City/Urban Spaces
  • Image Building for Cities and Regions, Location Factors
  • Neighborhood Management
  • Moderation and Mediation techniques (for urban planning processes)
  • Methodologies of quantitative and qualitative studies, use of statistical methods, use of SPSS
  • Intercultural competencies

Masters Degree

The standard duration of study is four semesters and students will finish the Masters Programme “Urban Culture, Society and Space” with a Master of Arts (M.A.)

Language of instruction

The languages of instruction in the Master’s Programme "Urban Culture, Society and Space" are English and German.

The Modular Construction of the Master’s Programme “Urban Culture, Society and Space”