Storage, transport and logistics

The storage of electrical energy from renewable generation represents a key to energy use and the desired climate neutrality, but is an enormous challenge. In this topic area, the aim is to work with partners to demonstrate technical solutions that revolutionize both the storage and transport of gaseous and liquid hydrogen.

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Sensors, safety and system management

Hydrogen plays a crucial role in thermal processes. In a transitional phase, hydrogen is expected to replace previously used fossil fuels in increasing concentrations in technical combustion processes and industrial processes. This poses a challenge to the understanding and design as well as the safe operation of the respective plants.

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Materials and energy conversion systems

The starting point of this area is the rapid identification of novel, potentially disruptive functional materials (electrocatalysts such as high entropy alloys, 2D materials, membranes) and their processing into an electrochemical functional environment that enables meaningful in-system testing.

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Other Topics

In addition to the aforementioned core topics, the UDE is also working on other hydrogen topics, ranging from hydrogen production and various areas of application to economic aspects.