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  • Dumitriu LaGrange, Daniela; Bernava, Gianmarco; Reymond, Philippe; Wanke, Isabel; Vargas, Maria Isabel; Machi, Paolo; Lövblad, Karl-Olof
    A high resolution scanning electron microscopy analysis of intracranial thrombi embedded along the stent retrievers
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 12 (2022) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2045-2322
  • Dumitriu LaGrange, Daniela; Braunersreuther, Vincent; Wanke, Isabel; Berberat, Jatta; Luthman, Siri; Fitzgerald, Seán; Doyle, Karen M.; Brina, Olivier; Reymond, Philippe; Platon, Alexandra; Muster, Michel; Machi, Paolo; Poletti, Pierre-Alexandre; Vargas, Maria Isabel; Lövblad, Karl-Olof
    MicroCT Can Characterize Clots Retrieved With Mechanical Thrombectomy From Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients : A Preliminary Report
    In: Frontiers in Neurology Jg. 13 (2022)
    ISSN: 1664-2295
  • Li, Yan; van Landeghem, Natalie; Demircioglu, Aydin; Köhrmann, Martin; Kellner, Elias; Milles, Lennart; Stolte, Benjamin; Totzeck, Andreas; Dammann, Philipp; Wrede, Karsten; Theysohn, Jens Matthias; Styczen, Hanna; Forsting, Michael; Wanke, Isabel; Frank, Benedikt; Deuschl, Cornelius
    Predictors of Early Neurological Improvement in Patients with Anterior Large Vessel Occlusion and Successful Reperfusion Following Endovascular Thrombectomy : Does CT Perfusion Imaging Matter?
    In: Clinical Neuroradiology (2022) in press
    ISSN: 0939-7116; 1869-1439; 1869-1447; 1615-6706
  • Opitz, Marcel; Alatzides, Georgios; Zensen, Sebastian; Bos, Denise; Wetter, Axel; Guberina, Nika; Darkwah Oppong, Marvin; Wrede, Karsten H.; Hagenacker, Tim; Li, Yan; Wanke, Isabel; Forsting, Michael; Deuschl, Cornelius
    Radiation Exposure During Diagnostic and Therapeutic Angiography of Carotid-cavernous Fistula : A Retrospective Single Center Observational Study
    In: Clinical Neuroradiology Jg. 32 (2022) Nr. 1, S. 117 - 122
    ISSN: 0939-7116; 1869-1439; 1869-1447; 1615-6706
  • Opitz, Marcel; Zensen, Sebastian; Bos, Denise; Li, Yan; Styczen, Hanna; Wetter, Axel; Guberina, Nika; Jabbarli, Ramazan; Sure, Ulrich; Forsting, Michael; Wanke, Isabel; Deuschl, Cornelius
    Radiation exposure in the endovascular therapy of cranial and spinal dural arteriovenous fistula in the last decade : A retrospective, single-center observational study
    In: Neuroradiology Jg. 64 (2022) S. 587 - 595
    ISSN: 1432-1920; 0028-3940
  • LaGrange, Daniela Dumitriu; Wanke, Isabel; Machi, Paolo; Bernava, Gianmarco; Vargas, Maria; Botta, Daniele; Berberat, Jatta; Muster, Michel; Platon, Alexandra; Poletti, Pierre-Alexandre; Lövblad, Karl-Olof
    Multimodality Characterization of the Clot in Acute Stroke
    In: Frontiers in Neurology Jg. 12 (2021)
    ISSN: 1664-2295
  • Göbel, Juliane; Gaida, Britta Jacqueline; Wanke, Isabel; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Köhrmann, Martin; Forsting, Michael; Mönninghoff, Christoph; Radbruch, Alexander; Junker, Andreas
    Is histologic thrombus composition in acute stroke linked to stroke etiology or to interventional parameters?
    In: American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) Jg. 41 (2020) Nr. 4, S. 650 - 657
    ISSN: 1936-959X; 0195-6108
  • Mönninghoff, Christoph; Pohl, Ewelina; Deuschl, Cornelius; Wrede, Karsten; Jabbarli, Ramazan; Radbruch, Alexander; Sure, Ulrich; Forsting, Michael; Wanke, Isabel
    Outcomes After Onyx Embolization as Primary Treatment for Cranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistula in the Past Decade
    In: Academic Radiology Jg. 27 (2020) Nr. 6, S. e123 - e131
    ISSN: 1076-6332; 1076-6332
  • Deuschl, Cornelius; Darkwah Oppong, Marvin; Styczen, Hanna; Markhardt, Lisa; Wrede, Karsten; Jabbarli, Ramazan; Sure, Ulrich; Radbruch, Alexander; Forsting, Michael; Wanke, Isabel; Mönninghoff, Christoph
    Therapy results of pericallosal aneurysms : A retrospective unicenter study
    In: Clinics and Practice Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 3,
    ISSN: 2039-7275; 2039-7283
  • San Millán, Diego; Hallak, Bassel; Wanke, Isabel; Wetzel, Stephan; Van Dommelen, Kristof; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Gailloud, Philippe; Millán, Diego San
    Dural venous sinus stenting as a stand-alone treatment for spontaneous skull base CSF leak secondary to venous pseudotumor cerebri syndrome
    In: Neuroradiology Jg. 61 (2019) Nr. 9, S. 1103 - 1106
    ISSN: 1432-1920; 0028-3940
  • Göbel, Juliane; Stenzel, Elena; Wanke, Isabel; Paech, Daniel; Köhrmann, Martin; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Forsting, Michael; Radbruch, Alexander; Mönninghoff, Christoph
    Effectiveness of Endovascular Recanalization Treatment for M2 Segment Occlusion : Comparison Between Intracranial ICA, M1, and M2 Segment Thrombectomy
    In: Academic Radiology Jg. 26 (2019) Nr. 10, S. e298 - e304
    ISSN: 1878-4046; 1076-6332
  • Stenzel, Elena; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Temming, Petra; Biewald, Eva; Zülow, Stefan; Göbel, Juliane; Wanke, Isabel; Umutlu, Lale; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Bornfeld, Norbert; Forsting, Michael; Radbruch, Alexander; Mönninghoff, Christoph
    Feasibility of intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma : experiences in a large single center cohort study
    In: Neuroradiology Jg. 61 (2019) Nr. 3, S. 351 - 357
    ISSN: 1432-1920; 0028-3940
  • Dammann, Philipp; Wittek, Paula; Darkwah Oppong, Marvin; Hütter, Bernd-Otto; Jabbarli, Ramazan; Wrede, Karsten; Wanke, Isabel; Mönninghoff, Christoph; Kaier, Klaus; Frank, Benedikt; Müller, Oliver; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Forsting, Michael; Sure, Ulrich
    Relative health-related quality of life after treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms : long-term outcomes and influencing factors
    In: Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders Jg. 12 (2019)
    ISSN: 1756-2864; 1756-2856
  • Göbel, Juliane; Stenzel, Elena; Guberina, Nika; Wanke, Isabel; Köhrmann, Martin; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Umutlu, Lale; Forsting, Michael; Mönninghoff, Christoph; Radbruch, Alexander
    Automated ASPECT rating : comparison between the Frontier ASPECT Score software and the Brainomix software
    In: Neuroradiology Jg. 60 (2018) Nr. 12, S. 1267 - 1272
    ISSN: 1432-1920; 0028-3940
  • Ho, Michael J.; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Mummel, Petra; Mönninghoff, Christoph; Wrede, Karsten; Wanke, Isabel
    Stent-assisted treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the acute phase: A single center experience
    In: eNeurologicalSci Jg. 10 (2018) S. 31 - 36
    ISSN: 2405-6502
  • Kulcsar, Zsolt; Karol, Agnieszka; Kronen, Peter W.; Svende, Pfundstein; Klein, Karina; Jordan, Olivier; Wanke, Isabel
    A novel, non-adhesive, precipitating liquid embolic implant with intrinsic radiopacity : feasibility and safety animal study
    In: European Radiology Jg. 27 (2017) Nr. 3, S. 1248 - 1256
    ISSN: 1613-3757; 0938-7994
  • Stein, Klaus-Peter; Wanke, Isabel; Forsting, Michael; Özkan, Neriman; Hütter, Bernd-Otto; Sandalcioglu, Ibrahim Erol; Sure, Ulrich
    Associated aneurysms in infratentorial arteriovenous malformations : Role of aneurysm size and comparison with supratentorial lesions
    In: Cerebrovascular Diseases Jg. 41 (2016) Nr. 5-6, S. 219 - 225
    ISSN: 1421-9786; 1015-9770
  • Malekzadehlashkariani, Sonaz; San Millán, Diego; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Wanke, Isabel
    Brain herniations into arachnoid granulations : about 68 cases in 38 patients and review of the literature
    In: Neuroradiology Jg. 58 (2016) Nr. 5, S. 443 - 457
    ISSN: 1432-1920; 0028-3940
  • Gramsch, Carolin; Zülow, Stefan; Nensa, Felix; Maderwald, Stefan; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Ringelstein, Adrian; Müller, Oliver; Sure, Ulrich; Wanke, Isabel; Schlamann, Marc
    Can we now dispense with DSA in the evaluation of aneurysm occlusion even in the most crucial first follow-up after endovascular treatment?
    In: Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery Jg. 149 (2016) S. 136 - 142
    ISSN: 0303-8467
  • Stein, Klaus-Peter; Wanke, Isabel; Oezkan, Neriman; Zhu, Yuan; Sandalcioglu, Ibrahim Erol; Forsting, Michael; Sure, Ulrich
    Multiple cerebral arterio-venous malformations : impact of multiplicity and hemodynamics on treatment strategies
    In: Acta Neurochirurgica Jg. 158 (2016) Nr. 12, S. 2399 - 2407
    ISSN: 0001-6268; 0942-0940
  • Kulcsar, Zsolt; Wanke, Isabel; Rufenacht, D.; Wetzel, S. G.; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Kolia, K.; Quarfordt, S.; Calvert, J.; Hawk, H.; Baxter, B.
    Safety and effectiveness of large volume coils in the treatment of small aneurysms
    In: Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) Jg. 8 (2016) Nr. 12, S. 1260
    ISSN: 1759-8486; 1759-8478
  • Mönninghoff, Christoph; Dlugaj, Martha; Kraff, Oliver; Geisel, Henrike; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Erbel, Raimund; Weimar, Christian; Wanke, Isabel
    Are transversal MR images sufficient to distinguish persons with mild cognitive impairment from healthy controls?
    In: Academic Radiology Jg. 22 (2015) Nr. 9, S. 1172 - 1180
    ISSN: 1076-6332; 1878-4046
  • Stein, Klaus-Peter; Wanke, Isabel; Forsting, Michael; Zhu, Yuan; Moldovan, Alexia S.; Dammann, Philipp; Sandalcioglu, Ibrahim Erol; Sure, Ulrich
    Associated aneurysms in supratentorial arteriovenous malformations : impact of aneurysm size on haemorrhage
    In: Cerebrovascular diseases Jg. 39 (2015) Nr. 2, S. 122 - 129
    ISSN: 1015-9770; 1421-9786
  • Ringelstein, Adrian; Müller, Oliver; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Mönninghoff, Christoph; Sure, Ulrich; Wanke, Isabel; Forsting, Michael; Schlamann, Marc
    Benefit of second catheter angiography in patients with nontraumatic subarachnoidal hemorrhage
    In: Clinical Neuroradiology Jg. 25 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 13 - 17
    ISSN: 0939-7116; 1869-1439; 1869-1447; 1615-6706
  • Agosti, R.; Wanke, Isabel; Rüfenacht, Daniel
    Brain arterio-venous malformations (BAVM) with dural arterial supply : effect of dural supply obliteration on headaches
    In: Cephalalgia Jg. 35 (2015) Nr. Suppl 6, S. 254
    ISSN: 0333-1024; 1468-2982
  • Wanke, Isabel; Rüfenacht, Daniel A.
    European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT)
    In: Clinical Neuroradiology Jg. 25 (2015) Nr. Suppl 2, S. 135 - 136
    ISSN: 0939-7116; 1869-1439; 1869-1447; 1615-6706
  • Dengler, Julius; Maldaner, Nicolai; Bijlenga, Philippe; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Graewe, Alexander; Guhl, Susanne; Hong, Bujung; Hohaus, Christian; Kursumovic, Adisa; Mielke, Dorothee; Schebesch, Karl-Michael; Wostrack, Maria; Rufenacht, Daniel; Vajkoczy, Peter; Schmidt, Nils Ole; Vajkoczy, P; Maldaner, N; Uebelacker, A; Dengler, J; Endres, M; Bohner, G; Wiener, E; Bauknecht, H C; Heuschmann, P U; Malzahn, U; Gläsker, S; Zentner, J; Van Velthoven, V; Guhl, S; Schroeder, Werner; Strowitzki, M; Etminan, N; Haengghi, D; Eicker, S; Turowski, B; Schebesch, K M; Brawanski, A; Wrede, Karsten; Sure, Ulrich; Schmidt, N O; Regelsberger, J; Westphal, M; Mielke, D; Rohde, V; Hosch, H; Moskopp, D; Joedicke, A; Hohaus, C; Meisel, H J; Wostrack, M; Meyer, B; Lehmberg, J; Musahl, C; Hopf, N; Winkler, G; Spetzger, U; Graewe, A; Meier, U; Hong, B; Nakamura, M; Krauss, J; Grote, A; Simon, M; Schramm, J; Kursumovic, A; Rath, S A; Marbacher, S; Fathi, A; Fandino, J; Familiari, P; Raco, A; Bijlenga, P; Schaller, K; Gruber, A; Wang, W T; Knosp, E; Hoffmann, K T; Boxhammer, E; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Boccardi, E; Piano, M; Niemelä, M; Nurminen, V; Lehecka, M; Hernesniemi, J; Burkhardt, J K; Bozinov, O; Regli, L; Shekhtman, O D; Eliava, S S; Kato, N; Irie, K; Nishimura, K; Kaku, S; Arakawa, H; Yuki, I; Ishibashi, T; Murayama, Y; Fiss, I; Kombos, T; Pedro, M T; König, R; Wirtz, R; Helthuis, J; van der Zwan, A; Cognard, C; Gawlitza, M; Wanke, Isabel; Fiedler, J
    Perianeurysmal edema in giant intracranial aneurysms in relation to aneurysm location, size, and partial thrombosis
    In: Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS) Jg. 123 (2015) Nr. 2, S. 446 - 452
    ISSN: 1933-0693; 0022-3085
  • Özkan, Neriman; Kreitschmann-Andermahr, Ilonka; Goerike, Sophia Luise; Wrede, Karsten; Kleist, Bernadette; Stein, Klaus-Peter; Gembruch, Oliver; Sandalcioglu, Ibrahim Erol; Wanke, Isabel; Sure, Ulrich
    Single center experience with treatment of spinal dural arteriovenous fistulas
    In: Neurosurgical Review Jg. 38 (2015) Nr. 4, S. 683 - 692
    ISSN: 0344-5607
  • Saver, Jeffrey L; Goyal, Mayank; Bonafe, Alain; Diener, Hans Christoph; Levy, Elad I; Pereira, Vitor M; Albers, Gregory W; Cognard, Christophe; Cohen, David J; Hacke, Werner; Jansen, Olav; Jovin, Tudor G; Mattle, Heinrich P; Nogueira, Raul G; Siddiqui, Adnan H; Yavagal, Dileep R; Baxter, Blaise W; Devlin, Thomas G; Lopes, Demetrius K; Reddy, Vivek K; du Mesnil de Rochemont, Richard; Singer, Oliver C; Jahan, Reza; Devlin, T; Baxter, B; Hawk, H; Sapkota, B; Quarfordt, S; Sirelkhatim, A; Dellinger, C; Barton, K; Reddy, V K; Jovin, T G; Ducruet, A; Jadhav, A; Horev, A; Giurgiutiu, D-V; Totoraitis, V; Hammer, M; Jankowitz, B; Wechsler, L; Rocha, M; Gulati, D; Campbell, D; Star, M; Baxendell, L; Oakley, J; Siddiqui, A H; Hopkins, L N; Levy, E; Snyder, K; Sawyer, R; Hall, S; Bonafé, A; Costalat, V; Riquelme, C; Machi, P; Omer, E; Arquizan, C; Mourand, I; Charif, M; Ayrignac, X; de Champfleur, N Menjot; Leboucq, N; Gascou, G; Moynier, M; du Mesnil de Rochemont, R; Singer, O; Berkefeld, J; 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    In: The New England Journal of Medicine Jg. 372 (2015) Nr. 24, S. 2285 - 2295
    ISSN: 1533-4406; 0028-4793
  • Wanke, Isabel; Rüfenacht, Daniel
    The Dural AV-Fistula (DAVF), the Most Frequent Acquired Vascular Malformation of the Central Nervous System (CNS)
    In: Clinical Neuroradiology Jg. 25 (2015) Nr. Supplement 2, S. 325 - 332
    ISSN: 0939-7116; 1869-1439; 1869-1447; 1615-6706
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    The unruptured intracranial aneurysm treatment score : a multidisciplinary consensus
    In: Neurology Jg. 85 (2015) Nr. 10, S. 881 - 889
    ISSN: 0028-3878; 1526-632X
  • Deuschl, Cornelius; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Gramsch, Carolin; Özkan, Neriman; Lehnerdt, Götz; Kastrup, Oliver; Ringelstein, Adrian; Wanke, Isabel; Forsting, Michael; Schlamann, Marc
    Value of DSA in the diagnostic workup of pulsatile tinnitus
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 2, S. 0117814
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Mallik, Ajit S.; Nuss, Katja; Kronen, Peter W.; Klein, Karina; Karol, Agnieszka; von Rechenberg, Brigitte; Rüfenacht, Daniel A.; Wanke, Isabel; Kulcsár, Zsolt
    A new-generation, low-permeability flow diverting device for treatment of saccular aneurysms
    In: European Radiology Jg. 24 (2014) Nr. 1, S. 12 - 18
    ISSN: 1613-3757; 0938-7994
  • Krasny, A.; Nensa, Felix; Sandalcioglu, Ibrahim Erol; Göricke, Sophia Luise; Wanke, Isabel; Gramsch, Carolin; Sirin, Selma; Oezkan, N.; Sure, Ulrich; Schlamann, Marc
    Association of aneurysms and variation of the A1 segment
    In: Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) Jg. 6 (2014) Nr. 3, S. 178 - 183
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  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

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