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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Lambrich, Johanna; Hagen, Marco; Schwiertz, Gerrit; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Concurrent Validity and Test : Retest Reliability of Pressure-Detecting Insoles for Static and Dynamic Movements in Healthy Young Adults
    In: Sensors Jg. 23 (2023) Nr. 10, 4913
  • Bauer, Julian; Hagen, Marco; Kalthoff, F.
    Small Sided Games : Der beste Lehrmeister ist das Spiel
    In: Fussballtraining Jg. 10 (2021) Nr. 1, S. 42 - 47
  • Hagen, Marco; Seidel, Sebastian; Sanchez Bergmann, Daniel; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Associations between Subtalar Muscle Strength and Balance Performance in Healthy Young and Old Adults
    In: Gerontology Jg. 66 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 15 - 23
  • Schedler, Simon; Brückner, Dennis; Hagen, Marco; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Effects of a Traditional versus an Alternative Strengthening Exercise Program on Shoulder Pain, Function and Physical Performance in Individuals with Subacromial Shoulder Pain : A Randomized Controlled Trial
    In: Sports Jg. 8 (2020) Nr. 4, S. 48
  • Bauer, Julian; Hagen, Marco; Weisz, Nelson; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    The Influence of Fatigue on Throwing and YBT-UQ Performance in Male Adolescent Handball Players
    In: Frontiers in Sports and Active Living Jg. 2 (2020) 81
  • Mühlbauer, Thomas; Wagner, Vincent; Brückner, Dennis; Schedler, Simon; Schwiertz, Gerrit; Kiss, Rainer; Hagen, Marco
    Effects of a blocked versus an alternated sequence of balance and plyometric training on physical performance in youth soccer players
    In: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation Jg. 11 (2019) S. 18
  • Tenelsen, Florian; Brückner, Dennis; Mühlbauer, Thomas; Hagen, Marco
    Validity and Reliability of an Electronic Contact Mat for Drop Jump Assessment in Physically Active Adults
    In: Sports Jg. 7 (2019) Nr. 5,
  • Lahner, Matthias; Ull, Christopher; Hagen, Marco; Von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Daniilidis, Kiriakos; Von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Lahner, Nina; Teske, Wolfram
    Cartilage Surgery in Overweight Patients : Clinical and MRI Results after the Autologous Matrix-Induced Chondrogenesis Procedure
    In: BioMed Research International (2018) 6363245
  • Hagen, Marco; Lemke, Martin; Lahner, Matthias
    Deficits in subtalar pronation and supination proprioception in subjects with chronic ankle instability
    In: Human Movement Science Jg. 57 (2018) S. 324 - 331
  • Hagen, Marco; Schwiertz, Gerrit; Landorf, Karl B.; Menz, Hylton B.; Murley, George S.
    Selective activation of lower leg muscles during maximum voluntary isometric contractions
    In: Human Movement Science Jg. 50 (2016) S. 30 - 37
  • Hagen, Marco; Asholt, Johannes; Lemke, Martin; Lahner, Matthias
    The angle-torque-relationship of the subtalar pronators and supinators in male athletes: A comparative study of soccer and handball players
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 24 (2016) Nr. 3, S. 391 - 399
  • Hagen, Marco; Sanchez-Bergmann, Daniel; Seidel, Sebastian; Lahner, Matthias
    Angle-torque relationship of the subtalar pronators and supinators in younger and elderly males and females
    In: Journal of Foot and Ankle Research Jg. 8 (2015) S. 64
  • Hagen, Marco; Abraham, Christoph; Ficklscherer, Andreas; Lahner, Matthias
    Biomechanical study of plantar pressures during walking in male soccer players with increased vs. normal hip alpha angles
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 23 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 93 - 100
  • Hagen, Marco; Lemke, Martin; Kutsch, Heinrich-Peter; Lahner, Matthias
    Development of a functional anatomical subtalar pronator and supinator strength training machine
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 23 (2015) Nr. 5, S. 627 - 635
  • Lahner, Matthias; Mußhoff, Dennis; von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Willburger, Roland; Hagen, Marco; Ficklscherer, Andreas; von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Lahner, Nina; Vetter, Greoor
    Is the Kinect system suitable for evaluation of the hip joint range of motion and as a screening tool for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)?
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 23 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 75 - 82
  • Hagen, Marco; Lahner, Matthias; Winhuysen, Martin; Maiwald, Christian
    Reliability of isometric subtalar pronator and supinator strength testing
    In: Journal of Foot and Ankle Research Jg. 8 (2015) S. 15
  • Hagen, Marco; Lemke, Martin; Paszota, Lena; Lahner, Matthias
    Reliability of two goniometric methods for measuring active subtalar range of motion
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 23 (2015) Nr. 3, S. 323 - 331
  • Hagen, Marco; Lescher, Stephanie; Gerhardt, Andreas; Lahner, Matthias; Felber, Stephan; Hennig, Ewald M.
    Shank muscle strength training changes foot behaviour during a sudden ankle supination
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 6, S. e0130290
  • Lahner, Matthias; von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Walter, Philipp Alexander; Lukas, Carsten; Falarzik, Andreas; Daniilidis, Kiriakos; von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Abraham, Christoph; Hennig, Ewald M.; Hagen, Marco
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  • Lahner, Matthias; Walter, Philipp Alexander; von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Hagen, Marco; von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Lukas, Carsten
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    In: Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery Jg. 134 (2014) Nr. 8, S. 1135 - 1141
  • Hagen, Marco
    Die Biomechanik des Fußes als Vorbild für eine anatomisch-funktionelle Krafttrainingsmaschine : Ein kritischer Rückblick auf eine erfolgreiche Patentverwertung
    In: Unikate: Berichte aus Forschung und Lehre (2014) Nr. 46: Patente : Motivation für die Wissenschaft?, S. 66 - 73
  • Lahner, Matthias; Bader, Simone; Walter, Philipp A.; Duif, Christian; Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph von; Lukas, Carsten; Ficklscherer, Andreas; Fickert, Stefan; Hagen, Marco
    Prevalence of femoro-acetabular impingement in international competitive track and field athletes
    In: International Orthopaedics Jg. 38 (2014) Nr. 12, S. 2571 - 2576
  • Duif, Chris P.; Von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Ali, Ammar; Hagen, Marco; Ficklscherer, Andreas; Stricker, Ingo; Lahner, Matthias
    Primary synovial chondromatosis of the hip : is arthroscopy sufficient? : A review of the literature and a case report
    In: Technology and health care Jg. 22 (2014) Nr. 5, S. 667 - 675
  • Lahner, Matthias; Jahnke, Nadine-Lucie; Zirke, Sonja; Teske, Wolfram; Vetter, Gregor; von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Daniilidis, Kiriakos; Hagen, Marco; von Engelhardt, Lars Victor
    The deviation of the mechanical leg axis correlates with an increased hip alpha angle and could be a predictor of femoroacetabular impingement
    In: International Orthopaedics Jg. 38 (2014) Nr. 1, S. 19 - 25
  • Lahner, Matthias; Hagen, Marco; Von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Daniilidis, Kiriakos
    Elbow extension deficit: A rare case of an osteochondral lesion on the radial head
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 21 (2013) Nr. 6, S. 619 - 624
  • Lahner, Matthias; Von Schulze Pellengahr, Christoph; Lichtinger, Thomas K; Vetter, Gregor; Pesendorfer, Stephan Herbert; Hagen, Marco; Daniilidis, Kiriakos; Von Engelhardt, Lars Victor; Teske, Wolfram
    The role of arthroscopy in patients with persistent hip pain after total hip arthroplasty
    In: Technology and Health Care Jg. 21 (2013) Nr. 6, S. 599 - 606
  • Hagen, Marco; Feiler, Maximilian; Rohrand, Patrick; Hennig, Ewald
    Comfort and stability ratings of different shoe lacing patterns depend on the runners' level of performance
    In: Footwear Science Jg. 3 (2011) Nr. Suppl.1, S. 64 - S66
  • Hagen, Marco; Hennig, Ewald M.; Stieldorf, Peter
    Lower and upper extremity loading in nordic walking in comparison with walking and running
    In: Journal of Applied Biomechanics Jg. 27 (2011) Nr. 1, S. 22 - 31
  • Hagen, Marco; Homme, Ann-Kathrin; Umlauf, Tim; Hennig, Ewald M.
    Effects of different shoe-lacing patterns on dorsal pressure distribution during running and perceived comfort
    In: Research in Sports Medicine Jg. 18 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 176 - 187
  • Hagen, Marco; Hennig, Ewald M.
    Effects of different shoe-lacing patterns on the biomechanics of running shoes
    In: Journal of Sports Sciences Jg. 27 (2009) Nr. 3, S. 267 - 275
  • Hagen, Marco; Böhm, Harald; Brüggemann, Gert-Peter
    Das apparative Krafttraining der Dorsalflexoren zur Präventionvon Shin Splints
    In: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin Jg. 57 (2006) Nr. 11-12, S. 277 - 281
  • Hagen, Marco; Hennig, Ewald; Stieldorf, Peter
    Ground reaction forces, rearfoot motion and wrist acceleration in nordic walking
    In: ISBS - conference proceedings archive (2006)
  • Abstracts

  • Althoff, Katharina; Hagen, Marco; Osterfeld, Andreas; Hennig, Ewald
    Video analysis of slip events in soccer during men's world cup 2006
    In: Abstracts of the Proceedings of the XXII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Cape Town, South Africa, July 5-9, 2009 / Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, 05.-09.07.2009, Kapstadt (2009)
  • Althoff, Katharina; Hagen, Marco; Schrooten, Jan-Hendrik; Hennig, Ewald
    The Influence of orthotics on pronation, impact loads and plantar pressure distribution during running
    In: Proceedings 11th emed Scientific Meeting / 11th emed Scientific Meeting, July 28 - 31, 2008, Dundee (2008)
  • Dissertation

  • Hagen, Marco;
    Effekte eines funktionell-anatomischen Pronatoren-/Supinatorenkrafttrainings zur Stabilisation des Fußes
    Duisburg, Essen (2011) XII, 182 Bl.