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  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Aquatische Ökologie

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Hesse, Tobias; Nachev, Milen; Khaliq, Shaista; Jochmann, Maik A.; Franke, Frederik; Scharsack, Jörn P.; Kurtz, Joachim; Sures, Bernd; Schmidt, Torsten C.
    A new technique to study nutrient flow in host-parasite systems by carbon stable isotope analysis of amino acids and glucose
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 13 (2023) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2045-2322
  • Smollich, Esther; Döbbeler, Eberhard; Müller-Geipel, Tina; Stratmann, Lars; Koch, Christoph; Merkus, Valentina I.; Kostka, Kathrin; Okhrimenko, Denis V.; Solvang, Mette; Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd
    Assessment of acute and chronic ecotoxicological effects of aqueous eluates of stone wool insulation materials
    In: Environmental Sciences Europe Jg. 35 (2023) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2190-4715; 2190-4707
  • Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen; Schwelm, Jessica; Grabner, Daniel; Selbach, Christian
    Environmental parasitology : Stressor effects on aquatic parasites
    In: Trends in Parasitology (2023) in press
    ISSN: 1471-4922; 1471-5007
  • Kontchou, Julios Armand; Baetz, Nicolai; Grabner, Daniel; Nachev, Milen; Türk, Jochen; Sures, Bernd
    Pollutant load and ecotoxicological effects of sediment from stormwater retention basins to receiving surface water on Lumbriculus variegatus
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 859, Part 2 (2023)
    ISSN: 1879-1026; 0048-9697
  • Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen
    Effects of multiple stressors in fish : How parasites and contaminants interact
    In: Parasitology (2022) in press
    ISSN: 1469-8161; 0031-1820
  • Schirrmann, Ronja; Erkelenz, Michael; Lamers, Kim; Sritharan, Oliver; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Schlücker, Sebastian; Brandau, Sven
    Gold Nanorods Induce Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Autocrine Inflammatory Activation in Human Neutrophils
    In: ACS Nano Jg. 16 (2022) Nr. 7, S. 11011 - 11026
    ISSN: 1936-086X; 1936-0851
  • Erasmus, Anja; Wepener, Victor; Zimmermann, Sonja; Nachev, Milen; Hadfield, Kerry A.; Smit, Nico J.; Sures, Bernd
    High element concentrations are not always equivalent to a stressful environment : differential responses of parasite taxa to natural and anthropogenic stressors
    In: Marine Pollution Bulletin Jg. 184 (2022)
    ISSN: 1879-3363; 0025-326X
  • Erasmus, Johannes H.; Zimmermann, Sonja; Smit, Nico J.; Malherbe, Wynand; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Wepener, Victor
    Human health risks associated with consumption of fish contaminated with trace elements from intensive mining activities in a peri-urban region
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 825 (2022)
    ISSN: 1879-1026; 0048-9697
  • Nachev, Milen; Rozdina, Desislava; Michler-Kozma, Diana N.; Raikova, Galerida; Sures, Bernd
    Metal accumulation in ecto- and endoparasites from the anadromous fish, the Pontic shad (Alosa immaculata)
    In: Parasitology Jg. 149 (2022) Nr. 4, S. 496 - 502
    ISSN: 1469-8161; 0031-1820
  • Krok, Beate; Mohammadian, Sadjad; Noll, Hendrik M.; Surau, Carina; Markwort, Stefan; Fritzsche, Andreas; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Meckenstock, Rainer
    Remediation of zinc-contaminated groundwater by iron oxide in situ adsorption barriers : From lab to the field
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 807 (2022) Nr. 3,
    ISSN: 1879-1026; 0048-9697
  • Le, T.T. Yen; Kiwitt, Gina; Nahar, Nazmun; Nachev, Milen; Grabner, Daniel; Sures, Bernd
    What contributes to the metal-specific partitioning in the chub-acanthocephalan system?
    In: Aquatic Toxicology Jg. 247 (2022)
    ISSN: 1879-1514; 0166-445X
  • Le, T.T. Yen; Grabner, Daniel; Nachev, Milen; García, Míriam R.; Balsa-Canto, Eva; Peijnenburg, Willie J.G.M.; Hendriks, A.Jan; Sures, Bernd
    Development of a toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic model simulating chronic copper toxicity to the Zebra mussel based on subcellular fractionation
    In: Aquatic Toxicology Jg. 241 (2021)
    ISSN: 1879-1514; 0166-445X
  • Kontchou, Julios A.; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd
    Ecotoxicological effects of traffic-related metal sediment pollution in Lumbriculus variegatus and Gammarus sp.
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 268 (2021) Nr. Part B, S. 115884
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Vivas Muñoz, Jenny C.; Feld, Christian; Hilt, Sabine; Manfrin, Alessandro; Nachev, Milen; Köster, Daniel; Jochmann, Maik; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd; Ziková, Andrea; Knopf, Klaus
    Eye fluke infection changes diet composition in juvenile European perch (Perca fluviatilis)
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 11 (2021) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2045-2322
  • Labuschagne, Marelize; Zimmermann, Sonja; Smit, Nico J.; Erasmus, Johannes H.; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Wepener, Victor
    Laboratory and field studies on the use of artificial mussels as a monitoring tool of platinum exposure in the freshwater environment
    In: Environmental Sciences Europe Jg. 33 (2021) Nr. 1, S. 16
    ISSN: 2190-4715; 2190-4707
  • Erasmus, Anja; Smit, Nico J.; Zimmermann, Sonja; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Wepener, Victor
    Metal and metalloid concentrations in the southern African endemic inter- and infratidal super klipfish, Clinus superciliosus, from the west and south coasts of South Africa
    In: Marine Pollution Bulletin Jg. 172 (2021)
    ISSN: 1879-3363; 0025-326X
  • Díaz-Morales, Dakeishla M.; Erasmus, Johannes H.; Bosch, Suanne; Nachev, Milen; Smit, Nico J.; Zimmermann, Sonja; Wepener, Victor; Sures, Bernd
    Metal contamination and toxicity of soils and river sediments from the world's largest platinum mining area
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 286 (2021)
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Le, T.T. Yen; Nachev, Milen; Grabner, Daniel; Garcia, Miriam R.; Balsa-Canto, Eva; Hendriks, A. Jan; Peijnenburg, Willie J.G.M.; Sures, Bernd
    Modelling chronic toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of copper in mussels considering ionoregulatory homeostasis and oxidative stress
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 287 (2021)
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Le, T.T. Yen; Grabner, Daniel; Nachev, Milen; Peijnenburg, Willi J.G.M.; Hendriks, A. Jan; Sures, Bernd
    Modelling copper toxicokinetics in the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, under chronic exposures at various pH and sodium concentrations
    In: Chemosphere Jg. 267 (2021) S. 129278
    ISSN: 1879-1298; 0045-6535
  • Ziefuß, Anna; Steenbock, Torben; Benner, Dominik; Plech, Anton; Göttlicher, Jörg; Teubner, Melissa; Grimm-Lebsanft, Benjamin; Rehbock, Christoph; Comby-Zerbino, Clothilde; Antoine, Rodolphe; Amans, David; Chakraborty, Indranath; Bester, Gabriel; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Rübhausen, Michael; Parak, Wolfgang J.; Barcikowski, Stephan
    Photoluminescence of Fully Inorganic Colloidal Gold Nanocluster and Their Manipulation Using Surface Charge Effects
    In: Advanced Materials Jg. 33 (2021) Nr. 31,
    ISSN: 0935-9648; 1521-4095
  • Jmii Chine, H.; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Gargouri, Lamia
    Trace element assessment in Neoechinorhynchus agilis (Rudolphi, 1918) (Acanthocephala: Neoechinorhynchidae) and its fish hosts, Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Chelon ramada (Risso, 1827) from Ichkeul Lagoon, Tunisia
    In: Journal of Helminthology Jg. 95 (2021)
    ISSN: 1475-2697; 0022-149X
  • Li, Yaya; Rehbock, Christoph; Nachev, Milen; Stamm, Jacqueline; Sures, Bernd; Blaeser, Andreas; Barcikowski, Stephan
    Matrix-specific mechanism of Fe ion release from laser-generated 3D-printable nanoparticle-polymer composites and their protein adsorption properties
    In: Nanotechnology Jg. 31 (2020) Nr. 40, S. 405703
    ISSN: 1361-6528; 0957-4484
  • Yen Le, T. T.; García, Míriam R.; Grabner, Daniel; Nachev, Milen; Balsa-Canto, Eva; Hendriks, A. Jan; Zimmermann, Sonja; Sures, Bernd
    Mechanistic simulation of bioconcentration kinetics of waterborne Cd, Ag, Pd, and Pt in the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha
    In: Chemosphere Jg. 242 (2020)
    ISSN: 1879-1298; 0045-6535
  • Erasmus, Johannes Hendrik; Malherbe, Wynand; Zimmermann, Sonja; Lorenz, Armin; Nachev, Milen; Wepener, Victor; Sures, Bernd; Smit, Nico J.
    Metal accumulation in riverine macroinvertebrates from a platinum mining region
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 703 (2020)
    ISSN: 1879-1026; 0048-9697
  • Volz, Sina N.; Hausen, Jonas; Nachev, Milen; Ottermanns, Richard; Schiwy, Sabrina; Hollert, Henner
    Short exposure to cadmium disrupts the olfactory system of zebrafish (Danio rerio) – Relating altered gene expression in the olfactory organ to behavioral deficits
    In: Aquatic Toxicology Jg. 226 (2020)
    ISSN: 1879-1514; 0166-445X
  • Gilbert, Beric M.; Nachev, Milen; Jochmann, Maik A.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Köster, Daniel; Sures, Bernd; Avenant-Oldewage, Annemariè
    Stable isotope analysis spills the beans about spatial variance in trophic structure in a fish host – parasite system from the Vaal River System, South Africa
    In: International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife Jg. 12 (2020) S. 134 - 141
    ISSN: 2213-2244
  • Labuschagne, Marelize; Wepener, Victor; Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Sures, Bernd; Smit, Nico J.
    The application of artificial mussels in conjunction with transplanted bivalves to assess elemental exposure in a platinum mining area
    In: Water Jg. 12 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 32
    ISSN: 2073-4441
  • Erasmus, Johannes H.; Wepener, Victor; Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Malherbe, Wynand; Sures, Bernd; Smit, Nico J.
    The role of fish helminth parasites in monitoring metal pollution in aquatic ecosystems : A case study in the world’s most productive platinum mining region
    In: Parasitology Research Jg. 119 (2020) Nr. 9, S. 2783 - 2798
    ISSN: 1432-1955; 0932-0113; 0044-3255
  • Gilbert, Beric M.; Nachev, Milen; Jochmann, Maik; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Köster, Daniel; Sures, Bernd; Avenant-Oldewage, Annemariè
    You are how you eat : Differences in trophic position of two parasite species infecting a single host according to stable isotopes
    In: Parasitology Research Jg. 119 (2020) Nr. 4, S. 1393 - 1400
    ISSN: 1432-1955; 0932-0113; 0044-3255
  • Brand, Sarel J.; Erasmus, Johannes H.; Labuschagne, Marelize; Grabner, Daniel; Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Wepener, Victor; Smit, Nico; Sures, Bernd
    Bioaccumulation and metal-associated biomarker responses in a freshwater mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, following short-term platinum exposure
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 246 (2019) S. 69 - 78
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Koch, Christoph; Nachev, Milen; Klein, Julia; Köster, Daniel; Schmitz, Oliver J.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd
    Degradation of the Polymeric Brominated Flame Retardant "polymeric FR" by Heat and UV Exposure
    In: Environmental Science & Technology Jg. 53 (2019) Nr. 3, S. 1453 - 1462
    ISSN: 1520-5851; 0013-936X
  • Koch, Christoph; Nachev, Milen; Klein, Julia; Köster, Daniel; Schmitz, Oliver J.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd
    Erratum: Response to Comment on "Degradation of the Polymeric Brominated Flame Retardant "Polymeric FR" by Heat and UV Exposure"
    In: Environmental Science & Technology Jg. 53 (2019) Nr. 18, S. 11058
    ISSN: 1520-5851; 0013-936X
  • Hohenadler, M.A.A.; Nachev, Milen; Freese, Marko; Pohlmann, Jan Dag; Hanel, Reinhold; Sures, Bernd
    How Ponto-Caspian invaders affect local parasite communities of native fish
    In: Parasitology Research Jg. 118 (2019) Nr. 9, S. 2543 - 2555
    ISSN: 1432-1955; 0932-0113; 0044-3255
  • Pérez-del-Olmo, Ana; Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Fernández, Mercedes; Sures, Bernd
    Medium-term dynamics of element concentrations in a sparid fish and its isopod parasite after the Prestige oil-spill: Shifting baselines?
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 686 (2019) S. 648 - 656
    ISSN: 1879-1026; 0048-9697
  • Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen; Gilbert, Beric M.; Dos Santos, Quinton Marco; Jochmann, Maik; Köster, Daniel; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Avenant-Oldewage, Annemarié
    The monogenean Paradiplozoon ichthyoxanthon behaves like a micropredator on two of its hosts, as indicated by stable isotopes
    In: Journal of Helminthology Jg. 93 (2019) Nr. 1, S. 71 - 75
    ISSN: 1475-2697; 0022-149X
  • Coger, Vincent; Million, Nina; Rehbock, Christoph; Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen; Barcikowski, Stephan; Wistuba, Nina; Strauß, Sarah; Vogt, Peter M.
    Tissue Concentrations of Zinc, Iron, Copper, and Magnesium During the Phases of Full Thickness Wound Healing in a Rodent Model
    In: Biological Trace Element Research Jg. 191 (2019) Nr. 1, S. 167 - 176
    ISSN: 0163-4984; 1559-0720
  • Le, T.T. Yen; García, Míriam R.; Nachev, Milen; Grabner, Daniel; Balsa-Canto, Eva; Hendriks, A. Jan; Sures, Bernd
    Development of a PBPK Model for Silver Accumulation in Chub Infected with Acanthocephalan Parasites
    In: Environmental Science & Technology Jg. 52 (2018) Nr. 21, S. 12514 - 12525
    ISSN: 1520-5851; 0013-936X
  • Brunzel, Stefan; Kellermann, Jacinta; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Hering, Daniel
    Energy crop production in an urban area : a comparison of habitat types and land use forms targeting economic benefits and impact on species diversity
    In: Urban Ecosystems (2018) S. 1 - 9
    ISSN: 1573-1642; 1083-8155
  • Doñate-Buendía, Carlos; Frömel, Felix; Wilms, Markus B.; Streubel, René; Tenkamp, Jochen; Hupfeld, Tim; Nachev, Milen; Gökce, Emine; Weisheit, Andreas; Barcikowski, Stephan; Walther, Frank; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Gökce, Bilal
    Oxide dispersion-strengthened alloys generated by laser metal deposition of laser-generated nanoparticle-metal powder composites
    In: Materials & Design Jg. 154 (2018) S. 360 - 369
    ISSN: 0264-1275; 1873-4197
  • Hohenadler, M.A.A.; Nachev, Milen; Thielen, Frankie; Taraschewski, Horst F.; Grabner, Daniel; Sures, Bernd
    Pomphorhynchus laevis : An invasive species in the river Rhine?
    In: Biological Invasions Jg. 20 (2018) Nr. 1, S. 207 - 217
    ISSN: 1573-1464; 1387-3547
  • Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen; Selbach, Christian; Marcogliese, David J.
    Parasite responses to pollution : what we know and where we go in ‘Environmental Parasitology’
    In: Parasites & Vectors Jg. 10 (2017) S. 65
    ISSN: 1756-3305
  • Sures, Bernd; Nachev, Milen; Pahl, Michelle; Grabner, Daniel; Selbach, Christian
    Parasites as drivers of key processes in aquatic ecosystems : Facts and future directions
    In: Experimental Parasitology Jg. 180 (2017) S. 141 - 147
    ISSN: 1090-2449; 0014-4894
  • Nachev, Milen; Jochmann, Maik; Walter, Friederike; Wolbert, Jens-Benjamin; Schulte, Marcel; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd
    Understanding trophic interactions in host-parasite associations using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen
    In: Parasites and Vectors Jg. 10 (2017) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 1756-3305
  • Koch, Christoph; Dundua, Alexander; Aragon-Gomez, Jackelyn; Nachev, Milen; Stephan, Susanne; Willach, Sarah; Ulbricht, Mathias; Schmitz, Oliver J.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Sures, Bernd
    Degradation of polymeric brominated flame retardants : development of an analytical approach using PolyFR and UV irradiation
    In: Environmental Science & Technology Jg. 50 (2016) Nr. 23, S. 12912 - 12920
    ISSN: 1520-5851; 0013-936X
  • Le, T. T. Yen; Nachev, Milen; Grabner, Daniel; Hendriks, A. Jan; Sures, Bernd
    Development and Validation of a Biodynamic Model for Mechanistically Predicting Metal Accumulation in Fish-Parasite Systems
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 11 (2016) Nr. 8, S. e0161091
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd
    Environmental parasitology : Parasites as accumulation bioindicators in the marine environment
    In: Journal of Sea Research Jg. 113 (2016) S. 45 - 50
    ISSN: 1385-1101
  • Blaeser, A.; Million, Nina; Campos, D.; Gamrad, Lisa; Kopf, M.; Rehbock, Christoph; Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd; Barcikowski, Stephan; Fischer, H.
    Laser-based in situ embedding of metal nanoparticles into bioextruded alginate hydrogel tubes enhances human endothelial cell adhesion
    In: Nano Research Jg. 9 (2016) Nr. 11, S. 3407 - 3427
    ISSN: 1998-0000; 1998-0124
  • Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd
    Seasonal profile of metal accumulation in the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis : A valuable tool to study infection dynamics and implications for metal monitoring
    In: Parasites and Vectors Jg. 9 (2016) S. 300
    ISSN: 1756-3305
  • Wilke, Philipp; Coger, Vincent; Nachev, Milen; Schachschal, Sausann; Million, Nina; Barcikowski, Stephan; Sures, Bernd; Reimers, Kerstin; Vogt, Peter M.; Pich, Andrij
    Biocompatible microgel-modified electrospun fibers for zinc ion release
    In: Polymer Jg. 61 (2015) S. 163 - 173
    ISSN: 0032-3861
  • Chen, Hui-Yu; Sures, Bernd; Shih, Hsiu-Hui; Nachev, Milen; Grabner, Daniel
    Effects of the acanthocephalan Polymorphus minutus and the microsporidian Dictyocoela duebenum on energy reserves and stress response of cadmium exposed Gammarus fossarum
    In: PeerJ Jg. 3 (2015)
    ISSN: 2167-8359
  • Grabner, Daniel; Mohamed, Faten; Nachev, Milen; Méabed, Eman; Sabry, Abdel Hameed; Sures, Bernd
    Invasion Biology Meets Parasitology: A Case Study of Parasite Spill-Back with Egyptian Fasciola gigantica in the Invasive Snail Pseudosuccinea columella
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 9 (2014) Nr. 2, S. e88537
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Mihailova, P.; Traykov, I.; Tosheva, A.; Nachev, Milen
    Changes in biological and physicochemical parameters of river water in a small hydropower reservoir cascade
    In: Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science: BJAS Jg. 19 (2013) Nr. Suppl. 2, S. 286 - 289
    ISSN: 1310-0351
  • Nachev, Milen; Schertzinger, Gerhard; Sures, Bernd
    Comparison of the metal accumulation capacity between the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis and larval nematodes of the genus Eustrongylides sp. Infecting Barbel (Barbus barbus)
    In: Parasites and Vectors Jg. 6 (2013) S. 21
    ISSN: 1756-3305
  • Frank, Sabrina N.; Godehardt, Saskia; Nachev, Milen; Trubiroha, Achim; Kloas, Werner; Sures, Bernd
    Influence of the cestode Ligula intestinalis and the acanthocephalan Polymorphus minutus on levels of heat shock proteins (HSP70) and metallothioneins in their fish and crustacean intermediate hosts
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 180 (2013) S. 173 - 179
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Nachev, Milen; Zimmermann, Sonja; Rigaud, T.; Sures, Bernd
    Is metal accumulation in Pomphorhynchus laevis dependent on parasite sex or infrapopulation size?
    In: Parasitology Jg. 137 (2010) Nr. 8, S. 1239 - 1248
    ISSN: 1469-8161; 0031-1820
  • Nachev, Milen; Sures, Bernd
    The endohelminth fauna of barbel (Barbus barbus) correlates with water quality of the Danube River in Bulgaria
    In: Parasitology Jg. 136 (2009) Nr. 5, S. 545 - 552
    ISSN: 1469-8161; 0031-1820
  • Dissertation

  • Nachev, Milen;
    Bioindication capacity of fish parasites for the assessment of water quality in the Danube River
    Duisburg, Essen (2010) 122 Bl.
  • Vorträge

  • Kresmann, Simon; Winking, Caroline; Nachev, Milen; Brunzel, Stefan; Hering, Daniel; Sures, Bernd;
    Ökologische und ökotoxikologische Beurteilung von Gewässernutzungen in der Metropole Ruhr
    1. KuLaRuhr Fachworkshop,
    Essen (2012)