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  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Biodiversität

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Sieber, Guido; Drees, Felix; Shah, Manan; Stach, Tom L.; Hohrenk-Danzouma, Lotta; Bock, Christina; Vosough, Maryam; Schumann, Mark; Sures, Bernd; Probst, Alexander J.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Beisser, Daniela; Boenigk, Jens
    Exploring the efficacy of metabarcoding and non-target screening for detecting treated wastewater
    In: The Science of the Total Environment Jg. 903 (2023) 167457
  • Garcia, Thais S.; Bock, Christina; Bagatini, Inessa Lacativa; Archanjo, Naiara Carolina Pereira; Sant'anna, Célia Leite; Vieira, Armando Augusto Henriques
    Hidden diversity in Selenastraceae (Sphaeropleales, Chlorophyceae) : Molecular phylogeny revealed a nannoplanktonic species, with the description of Viridiparva madeirensis gen. et sp. nov.
    In: Algal Research Jg. 68 (2022) 102886
  • Bock, Christina; Olefeld, Jana; Vogt, Janina C.; Albach, Dirk C.; Boenigk, Jens
    Phylogenetic and functional diversity of Chrysophyceae in inland waters
    In: Organisms Diversity and Evolution Jg. 22 (2022) Nr. 2, S. 327 - 341
  • Vogt, Janina C.; Olefeld, Jana; Bock, Christina; Boenigk, Jens; Albach, Dirk C.
    Patterns of protist distribution and diversification in alpine lakes across Europe
    In: MicrobiologyOpen Jg. 10 (2021) Nr. 4, e1216
  • Olefeld, Jana; Bock, Christina; Jensen, Manfred; Vogt, Janina C.; Sieber, Guido; Albach, Dirk; Boenigk, Jens
    Centers of endemism of freshwater protists deviate from pattern of taxon richness on a continental scale
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 14431
  • Bock, Christina; Jensen, Manfred; Forster, Dominik; Marks, Sabina; Nuy, Julia; Psenner, Roland; Beisser, Daniela; Boenigk, Jens
    Factors shaping community patterns of protists and bacteria on a European scale
    In: Environmental Microbiology Jg. 22 (2020) Nr. 6, S. 2243 - 2260
  • Sieber, Guido; Beisser, Daniela; Bock, Christina; Boenigk, Jens
    Protistan and fungal diversity in soils and freshwater lakes are substantially different
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 20025
  • Beisser, Daniela; Bock, Christina; Hahn, Martin W.; Vos, Matthijs; Sures, Bernd; Rahmann, Sven; Boenigk, Jens
    Interaction-specific changes in the transcriptome of polynucleobacter asymbioticuscaused by varying protistan communities
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology Jg. 10 (2019) Nr. JULY, S. 1498
  • Bock, Christina; Zimmermann, Sonja; Beisser, Daniela; Dinglinger, Sarah-Maria; Engelskirchen, Simone; Giesemann, Philipp; Klink, Saskia; Olefeld, Jana; Rahmann, Sven; Vos, Matthijs; Boenigk, Jens; Sures, Bernd
    Silver stress differentially affects growth of phototrophic and heterotrophic chrysomonad flagellate populations
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 244 (2019) S. 314 - 322
  • Graupner, Nadine; Jensen, Manfred; Bock, Christina; Marks, Sabina; Rahmann, Sven; Beisser, Daniela; Boenigk, Jens
    Evolution of heterotrophy in chrysophytes as reflected by comparative transcriptomics
    In: FEMS Microbiology Ecology Jg. 94 (2018) Nr. 4, S. fiy039
  • Boenigk, Jens; Wodniok, Sabina; Bock, Christina; Beisser, Daniela; Hempel, Christopher; Großmann, Lars; Lange, Anja; Jensen, Manfred
    Geographic distance and mountain ranges structure freshwater protist communities on a european scale
    In: Metabarcoding and Metagenomics (MBMG) Jg. 2 (2018) 21519
  • Dunkel, Thiemo; Lizette de León Gallegos, Erika; Bock, Christina; Lange, Anja; Hoffmann, Daniel; Boenigk, Jens; Denecke, Martin
    Illumina sequencing for the identification of filamentous bulking and foaming bacteria in industrial activated sludge plants
    In: International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (IJEST) Jg. 15 (2018) Nr. 6, S. 1139 - 1158
  • Bock, Christina; Salcher, Michaela; Jensen, Manfred; Pandey, Ram V.; Boenigk, Jens
    Synchrony of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Planktonic Communities in Three Seasonally Sampled Austrian Lakes
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology Jg. 9 (2018) S. 1290
  • Beisser, Daniela; Graupner, Nadine; Bock, Christina; Wodniok, Sabina; Großmann, Lars; Vos, Matthijs; Sures, Bernd; Rahmann, Sven; Boenigk, Jens
    Comprehensive transcriptome analysis provides new insights into nutritional strategies and phylogenetic relationships of chrysophytes
    In: PeerJ Jg. 5 (2017) e2832
  • Graupner, Nadine; Boenigk, Jens; Bock, Christina; Jensen, Manfred; Marks, Sabina; Rahmann, Sven; Beisser, Daniela
    Functional and phylogenetic analysis of the core transcriptome of Ochromonadales
    In: Metabarcoding and Metagenomics (MBMG) Jg. 1 (2017) S. e19862
  • Bock, Christina; Chatzinotas, Antonis; Boenigk, Jens
    Genetic diversity in chrysophytes : Comparison of different gene markers
    In: Fottea Jg. 17 (2017) Nr. 2, S. 209 - 221
  • da Silva, Thaís Garcia; Bock, Christina; Sant’Anna, Célia Leite; Bagatini, Inessa Lacativa; Wodniok, Sabina; Vieira, Armando Augusto Henriques
    Selenastraceae (Sphaeropleales, Chlorophyceae) : RbcL, 18s rDNA and ITS–2 secondary structure enlightens traditional taxonomy, with description of two new genera, Messastrum gen. nov. and Curvastrum gen. nov
    In: Fottea Jg. 17 (2017) Nr. 1, S. 1 - 19
  • Großmann, Lars; Bock, Christina; Schweikert, Michael; Boenigk, Jens
    Small but manifold – hidden diversity in "Spumella-like flagellates"
    In: The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology Jg. 63 (2016) Nr. 4, S. 419 - 439
  • Großmann, Lars; Beisser, Daniela; Bock, Christina; Chatzinotas, Antonis; Jensen, Manfred; Preisfeld, Angelika; Psenner, Roland; Rahmann, Sven; Wodniok, Sabina; Boenigk, Jens
    Trade-off Between Taxon Diversity and Functional Diversity in European Lake Ecosystems
    In: Molecular Ecology Jg. 25 (2016) Nr. 23, S. 5876 - 5888
  • Lange, Anja; Jost, Steffen Oliver; Heider, Dominik; Bock, Christina; Budeus, Bettina; Schilling, Elmar; Strittmatter, Axel; Boenigk, Jens; Hoffmann, Daniel
    AmpliconDuo : a split-sample filtering protocol for high-throughput amplicon sequencing of microbial communities
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 11, S. e0141590
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Huss, Volker A.R.; Bock, Christina
    Chlorella: 125 years of the green survivalist
    In: Trends in Plant Science Jg. 20 (2015) Nr. 2, S. 67 - 69
  • Boenigk, Jens; Beisser, Daniela; Zimmermann, Sonja; Bock, Christina; Jakobi, Jurij; Grabner, Daniel; Großmann, Lars; Rahmann, Sven; Barcikowski, Stephan; Sures, Bernd
    Effects of silver nitrate and silver nanoparticles on a planktonic community : general trends after short-term exposure
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 9 (2014) Nr. 4, S. e95340
  • Bock, Christina; Medinger, Ralph; Jost, Steffen Oliver; Psenner, Roland; Boenigk, Jens
    Seasonal variation of planktonic chrysophytes with special focus on Dinobryon
    In: Fottea Jg. 14 (2014) Nr. 2, S. 179 - 190
  • Jena, Mrutyunjay; Bock, Christina; Behera, Chhandashree; Adhikary, Siba P.; Krienitz, Lothar
    Strain survey on three continents confirms the polyphyly of the genus Pediastrum (Hydrodictyaceae, Chlorophyceae)
    In: Fottea Jg. 14 (2014) Nr. 1, S. 63 - 76
  • Hegewald, Eberhard; Bock, Christina; Krienitz, Lothar
    A phylogenetic study on Scenedesmaceae with the description of a new species of Pectinodesmus and the new genera Verrucodesmus and Chodatodesmus (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae)
    In: Fottea Jg. 13 (2013) Nr. 2, S. 149 - 164
  • Bock, Christina; Luo, Wei; Kusber, Wolf-Henning; Hegewald, Eberhard; Pažoutová, Marie; Krienitz, Lothar
    Classification of Crucigenoid Algae: Phylogenetic Position of the Reinstated Genus Lemmermannia, Tetrastrum spp. Crucigenia tetrapedia, and C. lauterbornii (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)
    In: Journal of Phycology: An International Journal of Algal Research Jg. 49 (2013) Nr. 2, S. 329 - 339
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina; Kotut, Kiplagat; Pröschold, Thomas
    Genotypic diversity of Dictyosphaerium-morphospecies (Chlorellaceae, Trebouxiophyceae) in African inland waters, including the description of four new genera
    In: Fottea Jg. 12 (2012) Nr. 2, S. 231 - 253
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina; Kotut, Kiplagat; Luo, Wei
    Picocystis salinarum (Chlorophyta) in saline lakes and hot springs of East Africa
    In: Phycologia Jg. 51 (2012) Nr. 1, S. 22 - 32
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina
    Present state of the systematics of planktonic coccoid green algae of inland waters
    In: Hydrobiologia Jg. 698 (2012) Nr. 1, S. 295 - 326
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina
    Elongatocystis ecballocystiformis gen. et comb. nov., and some reflections on systematics of Oocystaceae (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)
    In: Fottea Jg. 11 (2011) Nr. 2, S. 271 - 278
  • Luo, Wei; Bock, Christina; Li, H.R.; Padisák, Judith; Krienitz, Lothar
    Molecular and microscopic diversity of planktonic eukaryotes in the oligotrophic Lake Stechlin (Germany)
    In: Hydrobiologia Jg. 661 (2011) S. 133 - 143
  • Bock, Christina; Pažoutová, Marie; Krienitz, Lothar
    Phylogenetic position of Coronastrum ellipsoideum and description of Parachlorella hussii sp. nov.
    In: Biologia Jg. 66 (2011) Nr. 4, S. 585 - 594
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina; Nozaki, Hisayoshi; Wolf, Matthias
    SSU rRNA gene phylogeny of morphospecies affiliated to the bioassay alga "Selenastrum capricornutum" recovered the polyphyletic origin of crescent-shaped chlorophyta
    In: Journal of phycology Jg. 47 (2011) Nr. 4, S. 880 - 893
  • Bock, Christina; krienitz, Lothar; Pröschold, Thomas
    The genus Cymbopleura (Cymbellales, Bacillariophyta) from high altitude freshwater habitats, Everest National Park, Nepal, with the description of two new species
    In: Fottea Jg. 11 (2011) Nr. 2, S. 293 - 312
  • Bock, Christina; Pröschold, Thomas; Krienitz, Lothar
    Updating the genus dictyosphaerium and description of mucidosphaerium gen. nov. (trebouxiophyceae) based on morphological and molecular data
    In: Journal of Phycology Jg. 47 (2011) Nr. 3, S. 638 - 652
  • Luo, Wei; Pröschold, Thomas; Bock, Christina; Krienitz, Lothar
    Generic concept in Chlorella-related coccoid green algae (Chlorophyta, Trebouxiophyceae)
    In: Plant Biology Jg. 12 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 545 - 553
  • Pröschold, Thomas; Bock, Christina; Luo, Wei; Krienitz, Lothar
    Polyphyletic distribution of bristle formation in Chlorellaceae: Micractinium, Diacanthos, Didymogenes and Hegewaldia gen. nov. (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)
    In: Phycological Research Jg. 58 (2010) Nr. 1, S. 1 - 8
  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina; Luo, Wei; Pröschold, Thomas
    Polyphyletic origin of the Dictyosphaerium-morphotype within Chlorellaceae (Trebouxiophyceae).
    In: Journal of Phycology Jg. 45 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 559 - 563
  • Bock, Christina; Pröschold, Thomas; Krienitz, Lothar
    Two new Dictyosphaerium-morphotype lineages of the Chlorellaceae (Trebouxiophyceae): Heynigia gen. nov. and Hindakia gen. nov.
    In: European Journal of Phycology Jg. 45 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 267 - 277
  • Bock, Christina; Hauck, Markus; Fischer, Eberhard
    The lichens of Rwanda: an annotated checklist
    In: Willdenowia Jg. 37 (2007) S. 563 - 575
  • Bock, Christina; Hauck, Markus
    Graphis tetralocularis, a new lichen with four- celled ascospores from tropical Africa
    In: Lichenologist Jg. 37 (2005) Nr. 2, S. 105 - 108
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  • Krienitz, Lothar; Bock, Christina; Dadheech, Pawan K.; Kotut, Kiplagat; Luo, Wei; Schagerl, Michael
    An underexplored resource for biotechnology: Selected microphytes of East African Soda Lakes and Adjacent Waters
    In: Soda Lakes of East Africa / Schagerl, Michael (Hrsg.) 2016, S. 323 - 343
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  • Dunkel, Thiemo; Lizette de León Gallegos, Erika; Bock, Christina; Lange, A.; Hoffmann, D.; Boenigk, Jens; Denecke, Martin;
    Next generation sequencing for the identification of filamentous bacteria in industrial activated sludge plants
    6th Congress of European Microbiologists, 07.-11.06.2015, Maastricht, Niederlande,
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  • Sures, Bernd; Beisser, Daniela; Zimmermann, Sonja; Bock, Christina; Jakobi, Jurij; Grabner, Daniel; Großmann, Lars; Rahmann, Sven; Barcikowski, Stephan; Boenigk, Jens;
    Nanosilber versus Silberionen : Reaktionen einer Planktongemeinschaft auf Metatranscriptomebene
    14. Edelmetallforum 2014 ; Analytik, Toxikologie & Umwelt ; 07.- 08.04.2014, Ulm,