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Fakultät Biologie

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45141 Essen
T03 R04 D04


  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Molekularbiologie I

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Gahlot, Pinki; Kravic, Bojana; Rota, Giulia; van den Boom, Johannes; Levantovsky, Sophie; Schulze, Nina; Maspero, Elena; Polo, Simona; Behrends, Christian; Meyer, Hemmo
    Lysosomal damage sensing and lysophagy initiation by SPG20-ITCH
    In: Molecular Cell (2024) in press
  • Mirsanaye, Ann Schirin; Hoffmann, Saskia; Weisser, Melanie; Mund, Andreas; Lopez Mendez, Blanca; Typas, Dimitris; van den Boom, Johannes; Benedict, Bente; Hendriks, Ivo A.; Nielsen, Michael Lund; Meyer, Hemmo; Duxin, Julien P.; Montoya, Guillermo; Mailand, Niels
    VCF1 is a p97/VCP cofactor promoting recognition of ubiquitylated p97-UFD1-NPL4 substrates
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 15 (2024) Nr. 1, 2459
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Marini, Guendalina; Meyer, Hemmo; Saibil, Helen R
    Structural basis of ubiquitin-independent PP1 complex disassembly by p97
    In: The EMBO Journal Jg. 42 (2023) Nr. 14, e113110
  • Meyer, Hemmo; van den Boom, Johannes
    Targeting of client proteins to the VCP/p97/Cdc48 unfolding machine
    In: Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences Jg. 10 (2023) 1142989
  • Blüggel, Mike; Kröning, Alexander; Kracht, Matthias; van den Boom, Johannes; Dabisch, Matthias; Göhring, Anna; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Bayer, Peter; Meyer, Hemmo; Beuck, Christine
    The UBX domain in UBXD1 organizes ubiquitin binding at the C-terminus of the VCP/p97 AAA-ATPase
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 14 (2023) Nr. 1, 3258
  • Kröning, Alexander; van den Boom, Johannes; Kracht, Matthias; Kück, Anja; Meyer, Hemmo
    Ubiquitin-directed AAA+ ATPase p97/VCP unfolds stable proteins crosslinked to DNA for proteolysis by SPRTN
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Jg. 298 (2022) Nr. 6, 101976
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Kück, Anja; Kravic, Bojana; Müschenborn, Helen; Giesing, Maike; Pan, Dongqing; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Musacchio, Andrea; Meyer, Hemmo
    Targeted substrate loop insertion by VCP/p97 during PP1 complex disassembly
    In: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Jg. 28 (2021) Nr. 12, S. 964 - 971
  • Kracht, Matthias; van den Boom, Johannes; Seiler, Jonas; Kröning, Alexander; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Meyer, Hemmo
    Protein Phosphatase-1 Complex Disassembly by p97 is Initiated through Multivalent Recognition of Catalytic and Regulatory Subunits by the p97 SEP-domain Adapters
    In: Journal of Molecular Biology (JMB) Jg. 432 (2020) Nr. 23, S. 6061 - 6074
  • Iberahim, Nurul Aqilah; Sood, Neeraj; Pradhan, Pravata Kumar; van den Boom, Johannes; van West, Pieter; Trusch, Franziska
    The chaperone Lhs1 contributes to the virulence of the fish-pathogenic oomycete Aphanomyces invadans
    In: Fungal Biology Jg. 124 (2020) Nr. 12, S. 1024 - 1031
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Hensel, Astrid; Trusch, Franziska; Matena, Anja; Siemer, Svenja; Guel, Désirée; Docter, Dominic; Höing, Alexander; Bayer, Peter; Stauber, Roland H.; Knauer, Shirley
    The other side of the corona : Nanoparticles inhibit the protease taspase1 in a size-dependent manner
    In: Nanoscale Jg. 12 (2020) Nr. 37, S. 19093 - 19103
  • Blüggel, Mike; van den Boom, Johannes; Meyer, Hemmo; Bayer, Peter; Beuck, Christine
    Structure of the PUB Domain from Ubiquitin Regulatory X Domain Protein 1 (UBXD1) and Its Interaction with the p97 AAA+ ATPase
    In: Biomolecules Jg. 9 (2019) Nr. 12, 876
  • Pöhler, Robert; Krahn, Jan; van den Boom, Johannes; Dobrynin, Grzegorz; Kaschani, Farnusch; Eggenweiler, Hans-Michael; Zenke, Frank T.; Kaiser, Markus; Meyer, Hemmo
    A Non-Competitive Inhibitor of VCP/p97 and VPS4 Reveals Conserved Allosteric Circuits in Type I and II AAA ATPases
    In: Angewandte Chemie International Edition Jg. 57 (2018) Nr. 6, S. 1576 - 1580
  • Müller, Jonathan W.; Idkowiak, Jan; Gesteira, Tarsis F.; Vallet, Cecilia; Hardman, Rebecca; van den Boom, Johannes; Dhir, Vivek; Knauer, Shirley; Rosta, Edina; Arlt, Wiebke
    Human DHEA sulfation requires direct interaction between PAPS synthase 2 and DHEA sulfotransferase SULT2A1
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Jg. 293 (2018) Nr. 25, S. 9724 - 9735
  • Weith, Matthias; Seiler, Jonas; van den Boom, Johannes; Kracht, Matthias; Hülsmann, Julia; Primorac, Ivana; Del Pino Garcia, Javier; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Musacchio, Andrea; Bollen, Mathieu; Meyer, Hemmo
    Ubiquitin-Independent Disassembly by a p97 AAA-ATPase Complex Drives PP1 Holoenzyme Formation
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 72 (2018) Nr. 4, S. 766 - 777
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Meyer, Hemmo
    VCP/p97-Mediated Unfolding as a Principle in Protein Homeostasis and Signaling
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 69 (2018) Nr. 2, S. 182 - 194
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Trusch, Franziska; Hoppstock, Lukas; Beuck, Christine; Bayer, Peter
    Structural Characterization of the Loop at the Alpha-Subunit C-Terminus of the Mixed Lineage Leukemia Protein Activating Protease Taspase1
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 11 (2016) Nr. 3, S. e0151431
  • Wünsch, Désirée; Angelina, Hahlbrock; Jung, Sascha; Schirmeister, Tanja; van den Boom, Johannes; Schilling, Oliver; Knauer, Shirley; Stauber, Roland H.
    Taspase1 : a 'misunderstood' protease with translational cancer relevance
    In: Oncogene Jg. 35 (2016) Nr. 26, S. 3351 - 3364
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Wolf, Markus; Weimann, Lena; Schulze, Nina; Li, Fanghua; Kaschani, Farnusch; Riemer, Anne; Zierhut, Christian; Kaiser, Markus; Iliakis, George; Funabiki, Hironori; Meyer, Hemmo
    VCP/p97 Extracts Sterically Trapped Ku70/80 Rings from DNA in Double-Strand Break Repair
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 64 (2016) Nr. 1, S. 189 - 198
  • Roy Choudhury, Amrita; Sikorska, Emilia; van den Boom, Johannes; Bayer, Peter; Popenda, Lukasz; Szutkowski, Kosma; Jurga, Stefan; Bonomi, Massimiliano; Sali, Andrej; Zhukov, Igor; Passamonti, Sabina; Novič, Marjana
    Structural model of the bilitranslocase transmembrane domain supported by NMR and FRET data
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 8, S. e0135455
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Mamic, Marija; Baccelliere, Daniele; Zweerink, Susanne; Kaschani, Farnusch; Knauer, Shirley; Bayer, Peter; Kaiser, Markus
    Peptidyl succinimidyl peptides as taspase 1 inhibitors
    In: ChemBioChem Jg. 15 (2014) Nr. 15, S. 2233 - 2237
  • Matena, Anja; Sinnen, Christian; van den Boom, Johannes; Wilms, Christoph; Dybowski, Jan Nikolaj; Maltaner, Ricarda; Müller, Jonathan W.; Link, Nina M.; Hoffmann, Daniel; Bayer, Peter
    Transient domain interactions enhance the affinity of the mitotic regulator pin1 toward phosphorylated peptide ligands
    In: Structure Jg. 21 (2013) Nr. 10, S. 1769 - 1777
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Heider, Dominik; Martin, Stephen R; Pastore, Annalisa; Müller, Jonathan W.
    3'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (PAPS) synthases, naturally fragile enzymes specifically stabilized by nucleotide binding
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Jg. 2012 (2012) S. 17645 - 17655
  • Lederer, Christoph; Heider, Dominik; van den Boom, Johannes; Hoffmann, Daniel; Müller, Jonathan W.; Bayer, Peter
    Single-Domain Parvulins Constitute a Specific Marker for Recently Proposed Deep-Branching Archaeal Subgroups
    In: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Jg. 7 (2011) S. 135 - 148
  • Ohlig, Stefanie; Farshi, Pershang; Pickhinke, Ute; van den Boom, Johannes; Höing, Susanne; Jakuschev, Stanislav; Hoffmann, Daniel; Dreier, Rita; Schöler, Hans R.; Dierker, Tabea; Bordych, Christian; Grobe, Kay
    Sonic hedgehog shedding results in functional activation of the solubilized protein
    In: Developmental Cell Jg. 20 (2011) Nr. 6, S. 764 - 774
  • Grum, Daniel; van den Boom, Johannes; Neumann, Daniel; Matena, Anja; Link, Nina; Müller, Jonathan W.
    A Heterodimer of Human 3′-Phospho-Adenosine-5′-Phosphosulphate (PAPS) Synthases Is a New Sulphate Activating Complex
    In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC) Jg. 395 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 420 - 425