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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Omranpoor, Amir H.; Bera, Anupam; Bullert, Denise; Linke, Matthias; Salamon, Soma; Webers, Samira; Wende, Heiko; Hasselbrink, Eckart; Spohr, Eckhard; Kenmoe, Stephane
    2-Propanol interacting with Co3O4(001) : A combined vSFS and AIMD study
    In: The Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP) Jg. 158 (2023) Nr. 16,
    ISSN: 1089-7690; 0021-9606
  • Kenmoe, Stephane
    African fictions to boost the scientific culture in Africa
    In: Nature Reviews Materials Jg. 7 (2022) Nr. 9, S. 675 - 676
    ISSN: 2058-8437
  • Bamgbose, Muyiwa Kehinde; Ayedun, Funmilayo; Solola, Gbenro Timothy; Musari, Abolore Adebayo; Kenmoe, Stephane; Adebayo, Gboyega Augustine
    Electronic, Elastic and Thermoelectric Properties of Half-Heusler Topological Semi-Metal HfIrAs from First-Principles Calculations
    In: Crystals Jg. 13 (2022) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2073-4352
  • Uto, Oghenekevwe Timothy; Adebambo, Paul Olufunso; Akinlami, Johnson Oluwafemi; Kenmoe, Stephane; Adebayo, Gboyega Augustine
    Electronic, Structural, Mechanical, and Thermodynamic Properties of CoYSb (Y = Cr, Mo, W) Half-Heusler Compounds as Potential Spintronic Materials
    In: Solids Jg. 3 (2022) Nr. 1, S. 22 - 33
    ISSN: 2673-6497
  • Zerebecki, Swen; Salamon, Soma; Landers, Joachim; Yang, Yuke; Tong, Yujin; Budiyanto, Eko; Waffel, Daniel; Dreyer, Maik; Saddeler, Sascha; Kox, Tim; Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard; Schulz, Stephan; Behrens, Malte; Muhler, Martin; Tüysüz, Harun; Campen, Richard Kramer; Wende, Heiko; Reichenberger, Sven; Barcikowski, Stephan
    Engineering of Cation Occupancy of CoFe₂O₄ Oxidation Catalysts by Nanosecond, Single-Pulse Laser Excitation in Water
    In: ChemCatChem Jg. 14 (2022) Nr. 10,
    ISSN: 1867-3899; 1867-3880
  • Adebambo, Paul O.; Adetunji, Bamidele I.; Uto, Oghenekevwe T.; Kenmoe, Stephane; Adebayo, Gboyega A.
    First-Principles Calculations of the Phonon, Mechanical and Thermoelectric Properties of Half-Heusler Alloy VIrSi Alloys
    In: Crystals Jg. 12 (2022) Nr. 12,
    ISSN: 2073-4352
  • Omranpoor, A.H.; Kox, T.; Spohr, Eckhard; Kenmoe, Stephane
    Influence of temperature, surface composition and electrochemical environment on 2-propanol decomposition at the Co O (001)/H O interface
    In: Applied Surface Science Advances Jg. 12 (2022)
    ISSN: 2666-5239
  • Zigla, Abraham Atour; Kox, Tim; Mevoa, Daniel; Assaouka, Hypolite Todou; Nsangou, Issah Njiawouo; Daawe, Daniel Manhouli; Kenmoe, Stephane; Kouotou, Patrick Mountapmbeme
    Magnesium-Modified Co₃O₄ Catalyst with Remarkable Performance for Toluene Low Temperature Deep Oxidation
    In: Catalysts Jg. 12 (2022) Nr. 4,
    ISSN: 2073-4344
  • Douma, D.H.; Nono, K. Nchimi; Omranpoor, A.H.; Lamperti, A.; Debernardi, A.; Kenmoe, Stephane
    Probing the Local Environment of Active Sites during 2-Propanol Oxidation to Acetone on the Co₃O₄ (001) Surface : Insights from First-Principles O K-Edge XANES Spectroscopy
    In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces Jg. 127 (2022) Nr. 11, S. 5351 - 5357
    ISSN: 1932-7447; 1932-7455
  • Douma, Dick Hartmann; Poaty, Lodvert Tchibota; Lamperti, Alessio; Kenmoe, Stephane; Raji, Abdulrafiu Tunde; Debernardi, Alberto; M’Passi-Mabiala, Bernard
    Theoretical investigations of oxygen vacancy effects in nickel-doped zirconia from ab initio XANES spectroscopy at the oxygen K-edge
    In: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology Jg. 13 (2022) S. 975 - 985
    ISSN: 2190-4286
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Douma, Dick Hartmann; Raji, Abdulrafiu Tunde; M’passi-Mabiala, Bernard; Götsch, Thomas; Girgsdies, Frank; Knop-Gericke, Axel; Schlögl, Robert; Spohr, Eckhard
    X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure (XANES) at the O K-Edge of Bulk Co₃ O₄ : Experimental and Theoretical Studies
    In: Nanomaterials Jg. 12 (2022) Nr. 6,
    ISSN: 2079-4991
  • Lisovski, Oleg; Piskunov, Sergei; Bocharov, Dmitry; Kenmoe, Stephane
    2d slab models of nanotubes based on tetragonal tio2 structures : Validation over a diameter range
    In: Nanomaterials Jg. 11 (2021) Nr. 8,
    ISSN: 2079-4991
  • Agbaoye, Ridwan O.; Adebayo, Gboyega A.; Kenmoe, Stephane
    Band structure and absorption spectra of NH₄XI₃ (X = Pb, Mg) based hybrid Perovskite for UV ray protector and electrochromic materials applications
    In: Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids Jg. 151 (2021)
    ISSN: 0022-3697; 1879-2553; 0369-8726
  • Agbaoye, Ridwan O.; Bolarinwa, Sherifdeen; Akiode, Kolawole Olubunmi; Adekoya-Olowofela, Abibat A.; Habeeb, Lateefat Modupe; Balogun, Omolola Myriam; Adebambo, Paul O.; Kenmoe, Stephane; Adebayo, Gboyega A.
    Bandgap Correction and Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Absorption Spectra of Dimethylammonium Lead Iodide for Solar Cell Absorber
    In: Frontiers in Energy Research Jg. 9 (2021)
    ISSN: 2296-598X
  • Budiyanto, Eko; Zerebecki, Swen; Weidenthaler, Claudia; Kox, Tim; Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard; Debeer, Serena; Rüdiger, Olaf; Reichenberger, Sven; Barcikowski, Stephan; Tüysüz, Harun
    Impact of single-pulse, low-intensity laser post-processing on structure and activity of mesostructured cobalt oxide for the oxygen evolution reaction
    In: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Jg. 13 (2021) Nr. 44, S. 51962 - 51973
    ISSN: 1944-8252; 1944-8244
  • Nkou, F.B.S.; Douma, Dick Hartmann; Malonda Boungou, B.R.; Raji, Abdulrafiu T.; Kenmoe, Stephane; M'Passi-Mabiala, Bernard
    Theoretical insights into magnetization in graphene containing single and interacting nanoporous defects
    In: Physica E: Low-dimensional systems & nanostructures Jg. 128 (2021) S. 114564
    ISSN: 1386-9477; 1873-1759
  • Kenmoe, Stéphane; Spohr, Eckhard
    Two good friends? : Interactions between experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
    In: Unikate: Berichte aus Forschung und Lehre (2021) Nr. 57: Katalyse : Alles andere als oberflächlich, S. 123 - 132
    ISSN: 0944-6060; 1869-3881
  • Lisovski, Oleg; Piskunov, Sergei; Bocharov, Dmitry; Kenmoe, Stephane
    2D slab models of TiO₂ nanotubes for simulation of water adsorption : Validation over a diameter range
    In: Results in Physics Jg. 19 (2020) S. 103527
    ISSN: 2211-3797
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard
    Computer modeling of semiconductor nanotubes for water splitting
    In: Current Opinion in Electrochemistry Jg. 19 (2020) S. 88 - 95
    ISSN: 2451-9111; 2451-9103
  • Kox, Tim; Spohr, Eckhard; Kenmoe, Stephane
    Impact of Solvation on the Structure and Reactivity of the Co₃O₄ (001)/H₂O Interface : Insights From Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    In: Frontiers in Energy Research Jg. 8 (2020)
    ISSN: 2296-598X
  • Kenmoe, Stephane
    An army of science champions
    In: Nature Jg. 572 (2019) Nr. 7767, S. 143 - 145
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Lisovski, Oleg; Piskunov, Sergei; Zhukovskii, Yu F.; Spohr, Eckhard
    Electronic and optical properties of pristine, N- and S-doped water-covered TiO₂ nanotube surfaces
    In: The Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP) Jg. 150 (2019) Nr. 4, S. 041714
    ISSN: 1089-7690; 0021-9606
  • Piskunov, Sergei; Lisovski, Oleg; Zhukovskii, Yuri F.; D'Yachkov, Pavel N.; Evarestov, Robert A.; Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard
    First-Principles Evaluation of the Morphology of WS₂ Nanotubes for Application as Visible-Light-Driven Water-Splitting Photocatalysts
    In: ACS Omega Jg. 4 (2019) Nr. 1, S. 1434 - 1442
    ISSN: 2470-1343
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard
    Photooxidation of Water on Pristine, S- And N-Doped TiO₂(001) Nanotube Surfaces : A DFT + U Study
    In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces Jg. 123 (2019) Nr. 37, S. 22691 - 22698
    ISSN: 1932-7447; 1932-7455
  • Lisovski, Oleg; Kenmoe, Stephane; Piskunov, Sergei; Bocharov, Dmitry; Zhukovskii, Yuri F.; Spohr, Eckhard
    Validation of a constrained 2D slab model for water adsorption simulation on 1D periodic TiO
    In: Computational Condensed Matter Jg. 15 (2018) S. 69 - 78
    ISSN: 2352-2143
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Lisovski, Oleg; Piskunov, Sergei; Bocharov, Dmitry; Zhukovskii, Yuri F.; Spohr, Eckhard
    Water Adsorption on Clean and Defective Anatase TiO₂ (001) Nanotube Surfaces : A Surface Science Approach
    In: Journal of Physical Chemistry B: Condensed Matter, Materials, Surfaces, Interfaces & Biophysical Chemistry Jg. 122 (2018) Nr. 21, S. 5432 - 5440
    ISSN: 1520-6106; 1089-5647; 1520-5207
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Biedermann, P. Ulrich
    Water adsorbate phases on ZnO and impact of vapor pressure on the equilibrium shape of nanoparticles
    In: The Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP) Jg. 148 (2018) Nr. 5,
    ISSN: 1089-7690; 0021-9606
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Ulrich Biedermann, P.
    Water aggregation and dissociation on the ZnO(1010) surface
    In: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics (PCCP) Jg. 19 (2017) Nr. 2, S. 1466 - 1486
    ISSN: 1463-9076; 1463-9084