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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Polley, Soumitra; Müschenborn, Helen; Terbeck, Melina; De Antoni, Anna; Vetter, Ingrid R; Dogterom, Marileen; Musacchio, Andrea; Volkov, Vladimir A; Huis in 't Veld, Pim J
    Stable kinetochore-microtubule attachment requires loop-dependent Ndc80-Ndc80 binding
    In: The EMBO Journal (2023) in press
    ISSN: 0261-4189; 1460-2075
  • Chen, Chu; Piano, Valentina; Alex, Amal; Han, Simon J Y; Huis In 't Veld, Pim J.; Roy, Babhrubahan; Fergle, Daniel; Musacchio, Andrea; Joglekar, Ajit P.; Huis in ’t Veld, Pim J.
    The structural flexibility of MAD1 facilitates the assembly of the Mitotic Checkpoint Complex
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 14 (2023) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 2041-1723
  • d'Amico, Ennio A.; Ud Din Ahmad, Misbha; Cmentowski, Verena; Girbig, Mathias; Müller, Franziska; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Brockmeyer, Andreas; Maffini, Stefano; Janning, Petra; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Carter, Andrew P.; Perrakis, Anastassis; Musacchio, Andrea
    Conformational transitions of the Spindly adaptor underlie its interaction with Dynein and Dynactin
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 221 (2022) Nr. 11,
    ISSN: 1540-8140; 0021-9525
  • Celestino, Ricardo; Gama, José B; Castro-Rodrigues, Artur F.; Barbosa, Daniel J.; Rocha, Helder; d'Amico, Ennio A.; Musacchio, Andrea; Carvalho, Ana Xavier; Morais-Cabral, João H; Gassmann, Reto; d’Amico, Ennio A.
    JIP3 interacts with dynein and kinesin-1 to regulate bidirectional organelle transport
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 221 (2022) Nr. 8,
    ISSN: 1540-8140; 0021-9525
  • Musacchio, Andrea
    On the role of phase separation in the biogenesis of membraneless compartments
    In: The EMBO Journal Jg. 41 (2022) Nr. 5,
    ISSN: 0261-4189; 1460-2075
  • Martin, Isabel M.; Aponte-Santamaría, Camilo; Schmidt, Lisa; Hedtfeld, Marius; Iusupov, Adel; Musacchio, Andrea; Gräter, Frauke
    Phosphorylation tunes elongation propensity and cohesiveness of INCENP's intrinsically disordered region : Phosphorylation of INCENP disordered region
    In: Journal of Molecular Biology (JMB) Jg. 434 (2022) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 1089-8638; 0022-2836
  • Huis in 't Veld, Pim J.; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Koerner, Carolin; Müller, Franziska; Janning, Petra; Musacchio, Andrea
    Reconstitution and use of highly active human CDK1 : Cyclin-B:CKS1 complexes
    In: Protein Science Jg. 31 (2022) Nr. 2, S. 528 - 537
    ISSN: 1469-896X; 0961-8368
  • Raisch, Tobias; Ciossani, Giuseppe; d’Amico, Ennio; Cmentowski, Verena; Carmignani, Sara; Maffini, Stefano; Merino, Felipe; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the RZZ complex and molecular basis of Spindly‐driven corona assembly at human kinetochores
    In: The EMBO Journal (2022)
    ISSN: 0261-4189; 1460-2075
  • Pesenti, Marion E.; Raisch, Tobias; Conti, Duccio; Walstein, Kai; Hoffmann, Ingrid; Vogt, Dorothee; Prumbaum, Daniel; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the human inner kinetochore CCAN complex and its significance for human centromere organization
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 82 (2022) Nr. 11, S. 2113 - 2131.e8
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Walstein, Kai; Petrovic, Arsen; Pan, Dongqing; Hagemeier, Birte; Vogt, Dorothee; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Assembly principles and stoichiometry of a complete human kinetochore module
    In: Science Advances Jg. 7 (2021) Nr. 27,
    ISSN: 2375-2548
  • Singh, Priyanka; Pesenti, Marion E.; Maffini, Stefano; Carmignani, Sara; Hedtfeld, Marius; Petrovic, Arsen; Srinivasamani, Anupallavi; Bange, Tanja; Musacchio, Andrea
    BUB1 and CENP-U, Primed by CDK1, Are the Main PLK1 Kinetochore Receptors in Mitosis
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 81 (2021) Nr. 1, S. 67 - 87.e9
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Piano, Valentina; Alex, Amal; Stege, Patricia; Maffini, Stefano; Stoppiello, Gerardo A.; Huis In'T Veld, Pim J.; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    CDC20 assists its catalytic incorporation in the mitotic checkpoint complex
    In: Science Jg. 371 (2021) Nr. 6524, S. 67 - 71
    ISSN: 1095-9203; 0036-8075
  • Mueller, Franziska; Friese, Alexandra; Pathe, Claudio; da Silva, Richard Cardoso; Bravo Rodriguez, Kenny; Musacchio, Andrea; Bange, Tanja
    Overlap of NatA and IAP substrates implicates N-terminal acetylation in protein stabilization
    In: Science Advances Jg. 7 (2021) Nr. 3, S. eabc8590
    ISSN: 2375-2548
  • van den Boom, Johannes; Kück, Anja; Kravic, Bojana; Müschenborn, Helen; Giesing, Maike; Pan, Dongqing; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Musacchio, Andrea; Meyer, Hemmo
    Targeted substrate loop insertion by VCP/p97 during PP1 complex disassembly
    In: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Jg. 28 (2021) Nr. 12, S. 964 - 971
    ISSN: 1545-9993; 1545-9985
  • Alex, Amal; Piano, Valentina; Polley, Soumitra; Stuiver, Marchel; Voss, Stephanie; Ciossani, Giuseppe; Overlack, Katharina; Voss, Beate; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Petrovic, Arsen; Wu, Yaowen; Selenko, Philipp; Musacchio, Andrea; Maffini, Stefano
    Electroporated recombinant proteins as tools for in vivo functional complementation, imaging and chemical biology
    In: eLife Jg. 8 (2019) S. e48287
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Pan, Dongqing; Walstein, Kai; Take, Annika; Bier, David; Kaiser, Nadine; Musacchio, Andrea
    Mechanism of centromere recruitment of the CENP-A chaperone HJURP and its implications for centromere licensing
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 10 (2019) Nr. 1, S. 4046
    ISSN: 2041-1723
  • Huis In 't Veld, Pim J.; Volkov, Vladimir A.; Stender, Isabelle D.; Musacchio, Andrea; Dogterom, Marileen
    Molecular determinants of the Ska-Ndc80 interaction and their influence on microtubule tracking and force-coupling
    In: eLife Jg. 8 (2019) S. e49539
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Sacristan, Carlos; Ahmad, Misbha Ud Din; Keller, Jenny; Fermie, Job; Groenewold, Vincent; Tromer, Eelco; Fish, Alexander; Melero, Roberto; Carazo, José María; Klumperman, Judith; Musacchio, Andrea; Perrakis, Anastassis; Kops, Geert JPL
    Dynamic kinetochore size regulation promotes microtubule capture and chromosome biorientation in mitosis
    In: Nature Cell Biology Jg. 20 (2018) S. 800 - 810
    ISSN: 1476-4679; 1465-7392
  • Pesenti, Marion E; Prumbaum, Daniel; Auckland, Philip; Smith, Charlotte M; Faesen, Alex C; Petrovic, Arsen; Erent, Muriel; Maffini, Stefano; Pentakota, Satyakrishna; Weir, John R; Lin, Yu-Chih; Raunser, Stefan; McAinsh, Andrew D; Musacchio, Andrea
    Reconstitution of a 26-Subunit Human Kinetochore Reveals Cooperative Microtubule Binding by CENP-OPQUR and NDC80.
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 71 (2018) Nr. 6, S. 923 - 939.e10
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Pan, Dongqing; Brockmeyer, Andreas; Mueller, Franziska; Musacchio, Andrea; Bange, Tanja
    Simplified Protocol for Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Using the MS-Cleavable Cross-linker DSBU with Efficient Cross-link Identification
    In: Analytical Chemistry Jg. 90 (2018) Nr. 18, S. 10990 - 10999
    ISSN: 1520-6882; 0003-2700
  • Ciossani, Giuseppe; Overlack, Katharina; Petrovic, Arsen; Huis In 'T Veld, Pim J.; Koerner, Carolin; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Maffini, Stefano; Musacchio, Andrea
    The kinetochore proteins CENP-E and CENP-F directly and specifically interact with distinct BUB mitotic checkpoint Ser/Thr kinases
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Jg. 293 (2018) Nr. 26, S. 10084 - 10101
    ISSN: 0021-9258; 1083-351X
  • Weith, Matthias; Seiler, Jonas; van den Boom, Johannes; Kracht, Matthias; Hülsmann, Julia; Primorac, Ivana; Del Pino Garcia, Javier; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Musacchio, Andrea; Bollen, Mathieu; Meyer, Hemmo
    Ubiquitin-Independent Disassembly by a p97 AAA-ATPase Complex Drives PP1 Holoenzyme Formation
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 72 (2018) Nr. 4, S. 766 - 777
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Musacchio, Andrea; Desai, Arshad
    A molecular view of kinetochore assembly and function
    In: Biology Jg. 6 (2017) Nr. 1, S. 5
    ISSN: 2079-7737
  • Faesen, Alex C.; Thanasoula, Maria; Maffini, Stefano; Breit, Claudia; Müller, Franziska; Van Gerwen, Suzan; Bange, Tanja; Musacchio, Andrea
    Basis of catalytic assembly of the mitotic checkpoint complex
    In: Nature Jg. 542 (2017) Nr. 7642, S. 498 - 502
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687
  • Overlack, Katharina; Bange, Tanja; Weissmann, Florian; Faesen, Alex C.; Maffini, Stefano; Primorac, Ivana; Müller, Franziska; Peters, Jan-Michael; Musacchio, Andrea
    BubR1 Promotes Bub3-Dependent APC/C Inhibition during Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Signaling
    In: Current Biology Jg. 27 (2017) Nr. 19, S. 2915 - 2927.e7
    ISSN: 1879-0445; 0960-9822
  • Pan, Dongqing; Klare, Kerstin; Petrovic, Arsen; Take, Annika; Walstein, Kai; Singh, Priyanka; Rondelet, Arnaud; Bird, Alexander W; Musacchio, Andrea
    CDK-regulated dimerization of M18BP1 on a Mis18 hexamer is necessary for CENP-A loading
    In: eLife Jg. 6 (2017) S. e23352
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Pentakota, Satyakrishna; Zhou, Keda; Smith, Charlotte; Maffini, Stefano; Petrovic, Arsen; Morgan, Garry P.; Weir, John R.; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea; Luger, Karolin
    Decoding the centromeric nucleosome through CENP-N
    In: eLife Jg. 6 (2017) S. e33442
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Mosalaganti, Shyamal; Keller, Jenny; Altenfeld, Anika; Winzker, Michael; Rombaut, Pascaline; Saur, Michael; Petrovic, Arsen; Wehenke, Annemarie; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Müller, Franziska; Maffini, Stefano; Bange, Tanja; Herzog, Franz; Waldmann, Herbert; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the RZZ complex and molecular basis of its interaction with Spindly
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 216 (2017) Nr. 4, S. 961 - 981
    ISSN: 1540-8140; 0021-9525
  • Vader, Gerben; Musacchio, Andrea
    The greatest kinetochore show on earth
    In: EMBO Reports Jg. 18 (2017) Nr. 9, S. 1473 - 1475
    ISSN: 1469-3178; 1469-221X
  • Weir, John R.; Faesen, Alex C.; Klare, Kerstin; Petrovic, Arsen; Basilico, Federica; Fischböck, Josef; Pentakota, Satyakrishna; Keller, Jenny; Pesenti, Marion E.; Pan, Dongqing; Vogt, Doro; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Herzog, Franz; Musacchio, Andrea
    Insights from biochemical reconstitution into the architecture of human kinetochores
    In: Nature Jg. 537 (2016) Nr. 7619, S. 249 - 253
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687
  • Liu, Yahui; Petrovic, Arsen; Rombaut, Pascaline; Mosalaganti, Shyamal; Keller, Jenny; Raunser, Stefan; Herzog, Franz; Musacchio, Andrea
    Insights from the reconstitution of the divergent outer kinetochore of Drosophila melanogaster
    In: Open Biology Jg. 6 (2016) Nr. 2, S. 150236
    ISSN: 2046-2441
  • Borisy, Gary; Musacchio, Andrea; Janke, Carsten; Howard, Jonathon; Heald, Rebecca; Nogales, Eva
    Microtubules : 50 years on from the discovery of tubulin
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  • Huisin’T Veld, Pim J.; Jeganathan, Sadasivam; Petrovic, Arsen; Singh, Priyanka; John, Juliane; Krenn, Veronica; Weissmann, Florian; Bange, Tanja; Musacchio, Andrea
    Molecular basis of outer kinetochore assembly on CENP-T
    In: eLife Jg. 5 (2016) S. e21007
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Friese, Alexandra; Musacchio, Andrea; Herzog, Franz; Raunser, Stefan; Petrovic, Arsen; Prumbaum, Daniel; Fischböck, Josef; Huis in ‘t Veld,, Pim J.; Faesen, Alex C.
    Molecular requirements for the inter-subunit interaction and kinetochore recruitment of SKAP and Astrin
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 7 (2016) S. 11407
    ISSN: 2041-1723
  • Pesenti, Marion E.; Weir, John R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Progress in the structural and functional characterization of kinetochores
    In: Current Opinion in Structural Biology Jg. 37 (2016) S. 152 - 163
    ISSN: 0959-440X; 1879-033X
  • O'Connor, Aisling; Maffini, Stefano; Rainey, Michael D.; Kaczmarczyk, Agnieszka; Gaboriau, David; Musacchio, Andrea; Santocanale, Corrado
    Requirement for PLK1 kinase activity in the maintenance of a robust spindle assembly checkpoint
    In: Biology Open: BiO Jg. 5 (2016) Nr. 1, S. 11 - 19
    ISSN: 2046-6390
  • Petrovic, Arsen; Keller, Jenny; Liu, Yahui; Overlack, Katharina; John, Juliane; Dimitrova, Yoana N.; Jenni, Simon; van Gerwen, Suzan; Stege, Patricia; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Rombaut, Pascaline; Herzog, Franz; Harrison, Stephen C.; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the MIS12 Complex and Molecular Basis of Its Interaction with CENP-C at Human Kinetochores
    In: Cell Jg. 167 (2016) Nr. 4, S. 1028 - 1040.e15
    ISSN: 1097-4172; 0092-8674
  • Overlack, Katharina; Primorac, Ivana; Vleugel, Mathijs; Krenn, Veronica; Maffini, Stefano; Hoffmann, Ingrid; Kops, Geert J. P. L.; Musacchio, Andrea
    A molecular basis for the differential roles of Bub1 and BubR1 in the spindle assembly checkpoint
    In: eLife Jg. 4 (2015) S. e05269
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Klare, Kerstin; Weir, John R.; Basilico, Federica; Zimniak, Tomasz; Massimiliano, Lucia; Ludwigs, Nina; Herzog, Franz; Musacchio, Andrea
    CENP-C is a blueprint for constitutive centromere-associated network assembly within human kinetochores
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 210 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 11 - 22
    ISSN: 0021-9525; 1540-8140
  • Musacchio, Andrea
    Closing the Mad2 cycle : chromosome separation is regulated by a cycle that involves a protein undergoing an unusual topological conversion
    In: eLife Jg. 4 (2015) S. e08283
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Altenfeld, Anika; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Wehenkel, Annemarie; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Complex assembly, crystallization and preliminary x-ray crystallographic analysis of the human Rod-Zwilch-ZW10 (RZZ) complex
    In: Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications Jg. 71 (2015) Nr. 4, S. 438 - 442
    ISSN: 1744-3091; 2053-230X
  • Meyer, Rebecca; Faesen, Alex; Vogel, Katrin; Jeganathan, Sadasivam; Musacchio, Andrea; Niemeyer, Christof M.
    DNA-directed assembly of capture tools for constitutional studies of large protein complexes
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  • Tachiwana, Hiroaki; Müller, Sebastian; Blümer, Julia; Klare, Kerstin; Musacchio, Andrea; Almouzni, Geneviève
    HJURP involvement in De Novo CenH3CENP-A and CENP-C recruitment
    In: Cell Reports Jg. 11 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 22 - 32
    ISSN: 2211-1247
  • Breit, Claudia; Bange, Tanja; Petrović, Arsen N.; Weir, John R.; Müller, Franziska; Vogt, Doro; Musacchio, Andrea
    Role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in the regulation of the mitotic checkpoint kinase Bub1
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 12, S. 0144673
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  • Faesen, Alex C.; Musacchio, Andrea
    The (phospho) needle in the (MELT) haystack
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 57 (2015) Nr. 5, S. 765 - 766
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Krenn, Veronica; Musacchio, Andrea
    The Aurora B kinase in chromosome bi-orientation and spindle checkpoint signaling
    In: Frontiers in Oncology Jg. 5 (2015) S. 225
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  • Musacchio, Andrea
    The Molecular Biology of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Signaling Dynamics
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  • Vader, Gerben; Musacchio, Andrea
    HORMA domains at the heart of meiotic chromosome dynamics
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  • Eiteneuer, Annika; Seiler, Jonas; Weith, Matthias; Beullens, Monique; Lesage, Bart; Krenn, Veronica; Musacchio, Andrea; Bollen, Mathieu; Meyer, Hemmo
    Inhibitor-3 ensures bipolar mitotic spindle attachment by limiting association of SDS22 with kinetochore-bound protein phosphatase-1
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    ISSN: 0261-4189; 1460-2075
  • Krenn, Veronica; Overlack, Katharina; Primorac, Ivana; Van Gerwen, Suzan; Musacchio, Andrea
    KI motifs of human Knl1 enhance assembly of comprehensive spindle checkpoint complexes around MELT repeats
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    ISSN: 1879-0445; 0960-9822
  • Petrovic, Arsen; Mosalaganti, Shyamal; Keller, Jenny; Mattiuzzo, Marta; Overlack, Katharina; Krenn, Veronica; De Antoni, Anna; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Cecatiello, Valentina; Pasqualato, Sebastiano; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Modular Assembly of RWD Domains on the Mis12 Complex Underlies Outer Kinetochore Organization
    In: Molecular Cell Jg. 53 (2014) Nr. 4, S. 591 - 605
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Basilico, Federica; Maffini, Stefano; Weir, John R.; Prumbaum, Daniel; Rojas, Ana M.; Zimniak, Tomasz; De Antoni, Anna; Jeganathan, Sadasivam; Voss, Beate; Van Gerwen, Suzan; Krenn, Veronica; Massimiliano, Lucia; Valencia, Alfonso; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Herzog, Franz; Raunser, Stefan; Pasqualato, Sebastiano; Musacchio, Andrea
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    In: eLife Jg. 3 (2014) S. e02978
    ISSN: 2050-084X
  • Overlack, Katharina; Krenn, Veronica; Musacchio, Andrea
    When Mad met Bub
    In: EMBO Reports Jg. 15 (2014) Nr. 4, S. 326 - 328
    ISSN: 1469-3178; 1469-221X
  • Primorac, Ivana; Weir, John R.; Chiroli, Elena; Gross, Fridolin; Hoffmann, Ingrid; Van Gerwen, Suzan; Ciliberto, Andrea; Musacchio, Andrea
    Bub3 reads phosphorylated MELT repeats to promote spindle assembly checkpoint signaling
    In: eLife Jg. 2 (2013) S. e01030
    ISSN: 2050-084X
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    Panta rhei : the APC/C at steady state
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    The spindle-assembly checkpoint and the beauty of self-destruction : Erratum
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    Q & A : Andrea Musacchio
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  • Krenn, Veronica; Wehenkel, Annemarie; Li, Xiaozheng; Santaguida, Stefano; Musacchio, Andrea
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  • Aufsätze

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