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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Baghdadi, Josef; Alkhateeb, Shareef; Roth, Alexander; Jäger, Marcus; Busch, A.; Landgraeber, Stefan; Serong, S.; Haversath, Marcel; von Wasen, A.; Windhagen, H.; Flörkemeier, T.; Budde, S.; Kubilay, J.; Noll, Y.; Delank, K.S.; Willburger, R.; Dücker, M.; Wilke, A.; Hütter, F.
    Cup positioning and its effect on polyethylene wear of vitamin E- and non-vitamin E-supplemented liners in total hip arthroplasty : Radiographic outcome at 5-year follow-up
    In: Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Jg. 143 (2023) Nr. 6, S. 1679 - 1688
  • Dittrich, Florian; Albrecht, Urs-Vito; Scherer, Julian; Becker, Sören L.; Landgraeber, Stefan; Back, David Alexander; Fessmann, Kai; Haversath, Marcel; Beck, Sascha; Abbara-Czardybon, Mona; Quitmann, Henning; Harren, Anna Katharina; Aitzetmüller, Matthias; Klietz, Marie Luise
    Development of Open Backend Structures for Health Care Professionals to Improve Participation in App Developments : Pilot Usability Study of a Medical App
    In: JMIR Formative Research: Electronic, mobile, digital health approaches in cardiology and for cardiovascular health Jg. 7 (2023) e42224
  • Eggert, Andy; Buhren, Bettina Alexandra; Schrumpf, Holger; Haversath, Marcel; Ruppert, Martin; Jäger, Marcus; Krauspe, Rüdiger; Zilkens, Christoph
    Influence of a Calcium Phosphate Coating (BONIT®) on the Proliferation and Differentiation Potential of Human Mesenchymal Stroma Cells in the Early Phase of Bone Healing
    In: Journal of Functional Biomaterials Jg. 13 (2022) Nr. 4, 176
  • Busch, André; Wegner, Alexander; Wassenaar, Dennis; Brandenburger, Daniel; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus
    SuperPath® vs. direct anterior approach : A retrospective comparison between two minimally invasive approaches in total hip arthroplasty
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  • Busch, André; Wegner, Alexander; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus
    Bone Substitutes in Orthopaedic Surgery : Current Status and Future Perspectives
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  • Feddahi, Nadia; Herten, Monika; Tassemeier, Tjark; Rekasi, Heike; Hackel, Alexander; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus
    Does needle design affect the regenerative potential of bone marrow aspirate? : An in vitro study
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  • Haversath, Marcel; Lichetzki, Martin; Serong, Sebastian; Busch, André; Landgraeber, Stefan; Jäger, Marcus; Tassemeier, Tjark
    The direct anterior approach provokes varus stem alignment when using a collarless straight tapered stem
    In: Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Jg. 141 (2021) Nr. 6, S. 891 - 897
  • Busch, André; Herten, Monika; Haversath, Marcel; Kaiser, Christel; Brandau, Sven; Jäger, Marcus
    Ceramic scaffolds in a vacuum suction handle for intraoperative stromal cell enrichment
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  • Serong, Sebastian; Schutzbach, Moritz; Zovko, Ivica; Jäger, Marcus; Landgraeber, Stefan; Haversath, Marcel
    Evaluation of intra- and interobserver reliability in the assessment of the ‘critical trochanter angle’
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  • Busch, André; Wegner, Alexander; Haversath, Marcel; Brandenburger, Daniel; Jäger, Marcus; Beck, Sascha
    First ray alignment in Lapidus arthrodesis – Effect on plantar pressure distribution and the occurrence of metatarsalgia
    In: The Foot Jg. 45 (2020) 101686
  • Rühlemann, Alina; Mayer, Constantin; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus
    Functional Knee Performance Differences in Handball are Depending on Playing Class
    In: International Journal of Sports Medicine Jg. 41 (2020) Nr. 10, S. 652 - 660
  • Busch, André; Jäger, Marcus; Engler, Harald; Haversath, Marcel; Bielefeld, Charlotte; Landgraeber, Stefan; Wegner, Alexander
    Is Procalcitonin (PCT) a reliable biomarker for preoperative diagnosing of low grade periprosthetic joint infection? : A prospective study
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  • Jäger, Marcus; Wassenaar, Dennis; Busch, André; Haversath, Marcel
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  • Serong, Sebastian; Haversath, Marcel; Tassemeier, Tjark; Dittrich, Florian; Landgraeber, Stefan
    Results of advanced core decompression in patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head depending on age and sex : A prospective cohort study
    In: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Jg. 15 (2020) Nr. 1, 124
  • Busch, André; Jäger, Marcus; Dittrich, Florian; Wegner, Alexander; Landgraeber, Stefan; Haversath, Marcel
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  • Mayer, Constantin; Bittersohl, Bernd; Haversath, Marcel; Franz, Alexander; Krauspe, Rüdiger; Jäger, Marcus; Zilkens, Christoph
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  • Busch, André; Jäger, Marcus; Klebingat, Stefan; Baghdadi, Josef; Flörkemeier, Thilo; Hütter, Felix; Grupp, Thomas M.; Haversath, Marcel
    Vitamin E-blended highly cross-linked polyethylene liners in total hip arthroplasty : A randomized, multicenter trial using virtual CAD-based wear analysis at 5-year follow-up
    In: Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Jg. 140 (2020) Nr. 12, S. 1859 - 1866
  • Busch, André; Jäger, Marcus; Wegner, Alexander; Haversath, Marcel; Landgraeber, Stefan; Serong, S.; van Wasen, Andrea; Windhagen, H.; Flörkemeier, T.; Budde, S.; Kubilay, J.; Noll, Y.; Delank, K. S.; Baghdadi, J.; Willburger, R.; Dücker, M.; Wilke, A.; Hütter, F.
    Vitamin E-blended versus conventional polyethylene liners in prostheses : Prospective, randomized trial with 3-year follow-up
    In: Der Orthopäde Jg. 49 (2020) Nr. 12, S. 1077 - 1085
  • Tassemeier, Tjark; Haversath, Marcel; Brandenburger, Daniel; Schutzbach, Moritz; Serong, Sebastian; Jäger, Marcus
    Atraumatische Frakturen der Wirbelsäule : Aktuelle Strategien zur Diagnose und Therapie
    In: Der Orthopäde Jg. 48 (2019) Nr. 10, S. 879 - 896
  • Haversath, Marcel; Klebingat, S.; Jäger, M.
    Erratum on: Endoprosthetic wear analysis using virtual CAD-based radiographs
    In: Der Orthopäde Jg. 48 (2019) Nr. 3, S. 257
  • Jäger, Marcus; Jennissen, Herbert; Haversath, Marcel; Busch, André; Grupp, Thomas; Sowislok, Andrea; Herten, Monika
    Intrasurgical Protein Layer on Titanium Arthroplasty Explants : From the Big Twelve to the Implant Proteome
    In: Proteomics - Clinical Applications Jg. 13 (2019) Nr. 2, S. e1800168
  • Serong, Sebastian; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus; Landgraeber, Stefan
    Prevalence of CAM deformity and its influence on therapy success in patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head
    In: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Jg. 13 (2019) Nr. 4, S. 546 - 554
  • Henze, Katharina; Herten, Monika; Haversath, Marcel; Busch, André; Brandau, Sven; Hackel, Alexander; Flohe, Stefanie; Jäger, Marcus
    Surgical vacuum filter-derived stromal cells are superior in proliferation to human bone marrow aspirate
    In: Stem Cell Research & Therapy Jg. 10 (2019) S. 338
  • Haversath, Marcel; Busch, André; Jäger, Marcus; Tassemeier, Tjark; Brandenburger, Daniel; Serong, Sebastian
    The 'critical trochanter angle' : a predictor for stem alignment in total hip arthroplasty
    In: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Jg. 14 (2019) Nr. 1, 165
  • Haversath, Marcel; Klebingat, S; die VITAS-Gruppe; Jäger, Matthias; Landgraeber, Stefan
    Abriebanalyse mit virtuellen CAD-basierten Röntgenaufnahmen in der Endoprothetik
    In: Der Orthopäde Jg. 47 (2018) Nr. 10, S. 811 - 819
  • Tassemeier, Tjark; Haversath, Marcel; Jäger, Marcus
    Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with expandable cages : Radiological and clinical results of banana-shaped and straight implants
    In: Journal of Craniovertebral Junction and Spine Jg. 9 (2018) Nr. 3, S. 196 - 201
  • Tassemeier, Tjark; Haversath, Marcel; Schutzbach, Moritz; Jäger, Marcus
    Who benefits more in osteoporotic fractures: Pedicle screw instrumentation or kyphoplasty for American Society of Anesthesiologists II/III patients?
    In: Journal of Craniovertebral Junction and Spine Jg. 9 (2018) Nr. 4, S. 232 - 237
  • Rackwitz, Lars; Reichert, Johannes Christian; Haversath, Marcel; Nöth, Ulrich; Jäger, Marcus
    Zellbasierte und zukünftige Therapieansätze der Femurkopfnekrose
    In: Der Orthopäde Jg. 47 (2018) Nr. 9, S. 770 - 776
  • Haversath, Marcel; Wendelborn, Christine; Jäger, Marcus; Schmidt, Boris; Kowalczyk, Wojciech; Landgraeber, Stefan
    Geometric analysis and clinical outcome of two cemented stems for primary total hip replacement with and without modular necks
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  • Claßen, Tim; Becker, Antonia; Landgraeber, Stefan; Haversath, Marcel; Li, Xinning; Zilkens, Christoph; Krauspe, Rüdiger; Jäger, Marcus
    Long-term Clinical Results after Iloprost Treatment for Bone Marrow Edema and Avascular Necrosis
    In: Orthopedic Reviews Jg. 8 (2016) Nr. 1, 6150
  • Beck, Sascha; Claßen, Tim; Haversath, Marcel; Jager, M.; Landgraeber, Stefan
    Operative Technique and Clinical Outcome in Endoscopic Core Decompression of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus : A Pilot Study
    In: Medical Science Monitor Jg. 22 (2016) S. 2278 - 2283
  • Haversath, Marcel; Hülsen, Tobias; Böge, Carolin; Tassemeier, Tjark; Landgraeber, Stefan; Herten, Monika; Warwas, Sebastian; Krauspe, Rüdiger; Jäger, Marcus
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  • Tran, Thanh Ngoc; Warwas, Sebastian; Haversath, Marcel; Claßen, Tim; Hohn, Hans-Peter; Jäger, Marcus; Kowalczyk, Wojciech; Landgraeber, Stefan
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  • Kemper, Oliver; Herten, Monika; Fischer, Johannes; Haversath, Marcel; Beck, Sascha; Claßen, Tim; Warwas, Sebastian; Tassemeier, Tjark; Landgraeber, Stefan; Lensing-Höhn, Sabine; Krauspe, Rüdiger; Jäger, Marcus
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  • Haversath, Marcel; Hanke, J.; Landgraeber, Stefan; Herten, M.; Zilkens, C.; Krauspe, R.; Jäger, Marcus
    The distribution of nociceptive innervation in the painful hip: A histological investigation
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  • Haversath, Marcel; Catelas, Isabelle; Li, Xinning; Tassemeier, Tjark; Jäger, Marcus
    PGE₂ and BMP-2 in bone and cartilage metabolism : 2 intertwining pathways
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