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  • Martínez-Gaitero, Carlos; Dennerlein, Sebastian Maximilian; Dobrowolska, Beata; Fessl, Angela; Moreno-Martínez, Daniel; Herbstreit, Stephanie; Peffer, Gilbert; Cabrera, Esther; Garcia, Carles; Chrzan-Rodak, Agnieszka; Elferink, Raymond; Casanovas-Cuéllar, Cristina; Huertas-Zurriaga, Ariadna; Szalai, Cynthia; Mäker, Daniela; 4D Project Consortium 9
    Connecting Actors With the Introduction of Mobile Technology in Health Care Practice Placements (4D Project) : Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study
    In: JMIR Research Protocols Jg. 13 (2024) Nr. 1, e53284
  • Szalai, Cynthia; Shehada, Sharaf-Eldin; Iancu, Simona; Herbstreit, Frank; Ruhparwar, Arjang; Brenner, Thorsten; Haddad, Ali
    Does the clinical experience of a tutor influence how students learn extended focused assessment with sonography for trauma : A randomized controlled trial
    In: Medical Teacher Jg. 45 (2023) Nr. 3, S. 286 - 291
  • Nowak, Knut M.; Carpinteiro, Alexander; Szalai, Cynthia; Saner, Fuat H.
    Acquired Hemophilia A : A Permanent Challenge for All Physicians
    In: Medicines Jg. 9 (2022) Nr. 3, 21
  • Haddad, Ali; Tsarenko, Olga; Szalai, Cynthia; Mohamed, Ahmed; Hochreiter, Marcel; Berger, Marc; Schmack, Bastian; Ruhparwar, Arjang; Brenner, Thorsten; Shehada, Sharaf-Eldin
    Correlation between Doppler Echocardiography and Right Heart Catheterization Assessment of Systolic Pulmonary Artery Pressure in Patients with Mitral Regurgitation : A Prospective Observational Study
    In: Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine Jg. 23 (2022) Nr. 7, 245
  • Herbstreit, Stephanie; Benson, Sven; Raiser, Carina; Szalai, Cynthia; Fritz, Angelika; Rademacher, Frederike; Gradl-Dietsch, Gertraud
    Experience with an OSCE anamnesis station via Zoom : Feasibility, acceptance and challenges from the perspective of students, simulated patients and examiners during the COVID-19 pandemic
    In: GMS Journal for Medical Education Jg. 39 (2022) Nr. 4, Doc44
  • Herbstreit, Stephanie; Herbstreit, Frank; Diehl, Anke; Szalai, Cynthia
    A Novel Mobile Platform Enhances Motivation and Satisfaction of Academic Teachers
    In: Journal of European CME Jg. 10 (2021) Nr. 1,
  • Herbstreit, Stephanie; Gestmann, Margarita; Szalai, Cynthia; Diehl, Anke
    Are medical students equipped for digital studies? Have their hopes and fears been confirmed during Covid-19? What should we consider in the future?
    In: Journal of European CME Jg. 10 (2021) Nr. 1,
  • Vinnikova, Ksenia; Herbstreit, Frank; Szalai, Cynthia;
    Effects of stress on learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    Meeting of the International Anesthesia Research Society & Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists, May 13-16, 2021, Virtual,
    In: Anesthesia & Analgesia Jg. 132 (2021) Nr. 5S Suppl 1, Abstracts of International Anesthesia Research Society & Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists 2021 Annual Meetings, S. 392 - 393
  • Haddad, Ali; Szalai, Cynthia; van Brakel, Lena; Elhmidi, Yacine; Arends, Sven; Rabis, Marco; Pop, Anca; Ruhparwar, Arjang; Brenner, Thorsten; Shehada, Sharaf-Eldin
    Fast-track anesthesia in lateral mini-thoracotomy for transapical transcatheter valve implantation
    In: Journal of Thoracic Disease Jg. 13 (2021) Nr. 8, S. 4853 - 4863
  • Szalai, Cynthia; Herbstreit, Stephanie; Novosadova, Klara; Somerville, Susan
    Learning by doing : To explore the influence of Simulation on Clinical Decision-Making Approaches on Final Year Medical Students at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
    In: MedEdPublish Jg. 10 (2021) 124
  • Hartmann, Matthias; Szalai, Cynthia; Saner, Fuat
    Hemostasis in liver transplantation : Pathophysiology, monitoring, and treatment
    In: World Journal of Gastroenterology Jg. 22 (2016) Nr. 4, S. 1541 - 1550
  • Sherborne, A. L.; Hosking, F. J.; Prasad, R. B.; Kumar, R.; Koehler, R.; Vijayakrishnan, J.; Papaemmanuil, E.; Bartram, C. R.; Stanulla, M.; Schrappe, M.; Gast, Andreas; Dobbins, S. E.; Ma, Y.; Sheridan, E.; Taylor, M.; Kinsey, S. E.; Lightfoot, T.; Roman, E.; Irving, J. A.; Allan, J. M.; Moorman, A. V.; Harrison, C. J.; Tomlinson, I. P.; Richards, S.; Zimmermann, M.; Szalai, Cynthia; Semsei, A. F.; Erdelyi, D. J.; Krajinovic, M.; Sinnett, D.; Healy, J.; Gonzalez Neira, A.; Kawamata, N.; Ogawa, S.; Koeffler, H. P.; Hemminki, K.; Greaves, M.; Houlston, R. S.
    Variation in CDKN2A at 9p21.3 influences childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia risk
    In: Nature Genetics Jg. 42 (2010) Nr. 6, S. 492 - 494
  • Rezensionen

  • Szalai, Cynthia; Herbstreit, Frank
    PA Kritek, JB Richardson (Ed.) Medical Education in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine: Advanced Concepts and Strategies, Cham, Springer Nature, 2019
    In: Anesthesia & Analgesia Jg. 131 (2020) Nr. 3, S. e147 - e148
  • Abstracts

  • Herbstreit, Stephanie; Herbstreit, Frank; Szalai, Cynthia
    A Novel Mobile Platform Enhances Motivation and Satisfaction of Academic Teachers in Anesthesia, Trauma and Emergency Medicine
    In: Anesthesia & Analgesia Jg. 130 (2020) S. 307