Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Noche (Board Chairman)
    Transport Systems and Logistics
    Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón (Vice Chairmann)
    Network Embedded Systems
    Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Gönsch
    Business Administration, esp. Service Operations
    Mercator School of Management
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Wittowsky
    Mobility and Urban Planning
    Faculty of Engineering
  • Cyril Alias
    Logistics and Traffic
    DST Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems e. V.
  • Member of the group of students (currently disengaged)
  • Member of the group of further employees (currently disengaged)
  • Prof. Dr. habil. Ani Melkonyan-Gottschalk (Advisory Member) (currently on leave)
    Executive Director
    ZLV-Coordination Office

Postal address

Centre for Logistics & Traffic
University of Duisburg-Essen
47048 Duisburg

Street Address

Building BB, 9. Etage
Oststraße 99
47057 Duisburg to find us in Duisburg


 +49 203 379-4474
 +49 203 379-2554