Centre for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV)

About us

The Centre for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) dedicates itself to the interdisciplinary conception, management and transfer of scientific work in the areas of logistics, mobility and traffic. The ZLV is thereby geared towards long-term sustainable, economically beneficial, socially acceptable and ecologically reliable innovations. 

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  • 07.10.2019 - 14:02:10

    Ani Melkonyan takes over the management of the ZLV Coordination Office

    Ani Melkonyan has been Executive Director of the Center for Logistics and Transport since the beginning of October. Melkonyan …
  • 02.10.2019 - 16:09:10

    Modal shift towards IWT in container transport on the way

    The second milestone event of the research project “Innovative concepts for a decentralized waterborne container transport” …
  • 01.10.2019 - 16:05:10

    DST presents its research and engineering portfolio

    In September, this year's “Shipping Technics Logistics 2019” trade fair took place in Kalkar. Germany. The DST presented …
  • 25.04.2019 - 18:15:04

    DST hosts “JRF on Site” Event about “Logistics in Transition”

    On April 10, 2019, the Johannes Rau Research Foundation (JRF) organized together with the DST – Development Center for …
  • 06.03.2019 - 19:07:03

    ZLV scientists design "Next Generation Port Cities Community Systems" in Argentina

    In November 2018, a workshop involving ZLV scientists took place in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. The meeting, organised …

Contact Information

Centre for Logistics and Traffic
University of Duisburg-Essen
47048 Duisburg

Fon: +49 203 379 4474 
Fax: +49 203 379 2554

Chairman of the Board
Prof. Dr. Bernd Noche

Managing Director
PD Ani Melkonyan

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