As a centre of excellence, the Centre for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) dedicates itself to the interdisciplinary conception, management and transfer of scientific work from across the University in the areas of logistics, mobility and traffic. Further areas of interest include concepts for energy efficient transport, the application of operations research in companies, the integration of urban structures and traffic in land use planning, the creation of logistic systems for humanitarian aid as well as research into the development of long-term sustainable, economically conducive, socially acceptable and ecologically reliable innovations (sustainability research).

Urban Systems

The ZLV plays a key role in defining the profile for the University of Duisburg-Essen's "Urban Systems - Sustainable Development, Logistics and Traffic" focal point. Further information here: Joint Centre Urban Systems (


The ZLV organises the acquisition and conceptualisation of interdisciplinary research projects in the previously identified areas. In this role, it acts as an outward representative for professorships in order to find external partners. Through its associated chairs and institutes, the ZLV also provides for the integrated research and development of customised solutions that answer individual companies' questions related to logistic and traffic.


The ZLV brings the skills of its associated scientists to education through the development of innovative courses as well as specialised workshops and seminars.

Public Relations

The ZLV defines itself as platform for knowledge transfer and dialogue, in its associated areas of expertise, between the University and both business and society.