Diploma Theses 2010

Prof. Deike Berheide, Arne Numerical investigation of the shrinking behaviour of steel during solidification
Prof. el Moctar
Prof. Abdel-Maksoud (TUHH)
Wanzek, Tim Numerical computation of the added resistance of different container ships as a result of incoming waves
Prof. el Moctar
Dr. Kuehnlein (Sea2Ice)
Beckmann, Adrian Numerical analysis of flow, wind and wave induced loads on an oil platform
Prof. el Moctar Höpken, Jens Application of the numerical methods for flow simulation from the software package OpenFOAM and their validation by KCS test case measurements
Prof. el Moctar
Dipl.-Ing. Anschau (SVA Potsdam GmbH)
Suplie, Sabrina LES-computation of the flow around a 3D-hydrofoil