Project Monitoring: Grad. Eng. Jens Neugebauer

Particle Image Velocity System

The ISMT operates a stereoscopic Particle-Image-Velocimetry System (PIV-System) for the non-intrusive measurement of velocities in three components within a measurement plane. The advantage of using PIV compared to a 5-Hole-Sensor or Laser-Doppler-Anemometry (LDA) is the simultaneous acquisition of velocities in the desired plane, while the other techniques require a repositioning of the measurement device. Furthermore, compared to the 5-Hole-Sensor, the advantage of PIV is also its non-intrusiveness.

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Server room
Server room

Data Processors at the ISMT


  • CFD processor cluster with 44 processors and 752 processor cores
  • seminar processor cluster with LINUX and WINDOWS system software



         OpenFOAM, STARCCM+, Ansys, Comet, Poseidon, Pro-E, Uthlande, Friendship



  • CAD-2D-3D