Institute of Ship Technology, Ocean Engineering and Transport Systems (ISMT)

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Our website gives you an overview of the institute’s activities in research and teaching and any future students an insight into the varied options open to graduates of “Mechanical Engineering” with a focus on ship technology and ocean engineering.

Study Courses

The chair aims to provide students with a profound knowledge in the fields of ship technology and ocean engineering. The academic curriculum of engineering with emphasis on “Ship Technology and Ocean Engineering” within the department “Mechanical and Process Engineering” of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences is based on the internationally accredited undergraduate and graduates programmes “Mechanical Engineering”. The core areas of teaching are hydrodynamics and ship design, marine power plants as well as the structural design of ships and offshore constructions.

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Research Focus

In research, the institute particularly concentrates on the fields of numerical and experimental hydrodynamics as well as the fluid-structure interaction and investigates in the field of ocean engineering. In the institute’s own sloshing laboratory experimental and numerical tests are conducted to determine the behaviour of multi-phase fluids as well as the local and global loads occurring as a result of the movements of liquids in tanks and containers.

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