For Laboratory Analyses and Experimental Setup…

…a total area of 1,000 m2 on the campus of the University is available. This area is divided into a direct laboratory as well as an experimental pilot plant in which constructions from laboratory scale to semi-technical scale can be found.
The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for wet chemical standard analysis, and special single analysis using particle analyzer, TOC-analyzer, ICP-OES as well as Sapromat. In addition, facilities for solid-matter analysis and analytics for waste products are available. An overview of the currently possible analyses is shown in the table below.

...and experimental setup

In our experimental pilot plant research projects in semi-technical scale can be carried out. Currently the following thest are carried out in the experimental hall:


  • Continuous Ko-substrate test according to GB21
  • Biological Sabatier reaction
  • Elution experiment with power plant by-products
  • Waste water treatment by algae
  • Biological sewage gas processing
  • Experimental plant for biological composting and fermentation
  • Continuous experiments for biological hydrogen production
  • CO2-compensation by ANAMMOX


Contact:  Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Schmuck