Guests in our workgroup

We are always happy to welcome guests in our workgroup for cooperation and new research.


Bheeshmon Thanabalasingam

Project: LE-STM-Lab, (June 2015)

Host: Christian A. Bobisch and Rolf Möller

Home: Queens University, Canada, Alastair Mcleans's group


Naoya Fukui

Project: electron transport in topological surface states of Bi2Se3, (April-July, 2014)

Host: Christian A. Bobisch and Rolf Möller

Home: University of Tokyo, Shuji Hasegawas's group

Marek Nikiel

Project: transport through submonolayer Ag films on Germanium, (February-March, 2014)

Host: Christian A.Bobisch

Home: Jagiellonen-University, Krakau, Poland, Franciszek Krok and Marek Szymonski's group

Dr. Haiming Guo

Project: Ballistic electron transport through graphene on Ruthenium, (April, 2010)

Host: Christian A. Bobisch

Home: Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China, Hongjun Gao's group