Growth media - Central Collection of Algal Cultures (CCAC)

Synthetic Freshwater Medium - SFM

Preparation of Culture Medium

Add stock solutions 1-7 (or 1-8) to 950 ml of dH2O, adjust the pH to 7.0 (SFM) or 6.0 (SFM pH 6).
Bring the final volume to 1 litre and autoclave.

Growth Conditions

If not otherwise stated, growth temperature is +/- 15oC; light-dark-regime 14:10 h; light-intensity 5-15 µmol photons /m2/sec. Media are made up to 1 litre with dH2O or filtered seawater, as indicated.

Download recipe SFM_SFM+Si (Excel/zip)

Download recipe SFM + NH4 (Excel/zip)