BIOME - Core: Clinical Research Core

This core is aimed specifically at all MD and PhD students doing clinical studies or whose work falls within the framework of a clinical study. It pursues the goal to support doctorates interested in a career as a clinical researcher and offers them the training they need to develop and conduct a successful clinical study or research.

The Clinical Research Core is designed as a one year programme. The series of workshops focus on study design, biometry and statistics. Further aspects include additional classes on scientific writing, how to write a dissertation, correct citation etc. This course actively builds the network between doctorates working on clinical research. Discussions with experts and within the peer group provide support with developing a research hypothesis, study design, data analysis, data interpretation as well as its presentation. Members of this core are also able to participate in joint seminars or workshops with other cores focusing on overlapping topics. To fit around the already demanding course load facing medical students, the structure of this core’s programme is workshop-based.

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Prof. Dr. Petra Ketteler Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Stang Clinical Epidemiology
Dr. Börge Schmidt  Gene-Environment Epidemiology
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