Keeping Track

A record of participation at any talks of interest can be kept using the Additional Lecture Attendance Sheet.

04-06.10.201921st Annual YARE Meeting 2019

The YARE (Young Active Research in Endocrinology) meeting is a great opportunity for young researchers and clinicians to network with young peers in the field of endocrinology. Furthermore, we encourage you and your colleagues to present own data (experimental, clinical, case reports) as oral or poster presentations in a relaxed atmosphere.
Venue: Ruhrturm, Huttropstr. 60, 45138 Essen
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Abstract submission and registration deadline: 25.08.2019
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25-26.10.2019DNA DAMAGE AND BEYOND: From molecular mechanisms to innovative concepts in the treatment of cancer

International Conference GRK 1739
Confirmed speakers:
Ranjit Bindra, Yale, USA; Mark Dewhirst, Durham, USA; Fijs van Leeuwen, Leiden, NL; Fei-Fei Liu, Toronto, Canada; Peter van Luijk, Groningen, NL; Elisabeth Martinez, Dallas, USA; Harald Paganetti, Boston, USA; Christian Reinhardt, Köln, Germany; Julian Stingele, München, Germany; Holger Sültmann, Heidelberg, Germany.
• DNA Damage Signaling and Repair
• Response of Cells and Tissues to Photon and Proton Irradiation
• Tumor Metabolism and Microenvironment
Venue: Universitätsklinikum Essen, Medizinsches Forschungszentrum
Free registration!
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Abstract submission deadline: 02.10.2019 (for posters)

22.11.2019Medical Faculty's Research Day 2019

Graduates are invited to present their research to the scientific community by submitting posters at this highly-esteemed annual event held at Essen's Medical Campus which is specifically directed at doctoral researchers. A jury of experts will award prizes of € 250 to the best 14 poster presentations. Three poster winners will then selected to give brief oral presentations about their research and the best speaker - determined by the audience by democratic vote - will be awarded a prize of a further € 500. Once again a science slam will be taking place, and the eight top candidates will be invited to participate in pre-event workshops with a communications coach in October and November. The best science slammer will also be awarded with a prize of € 500. The keynote guest speaker this year is Désirée Krüger.
Registration and abstract submission deadline: 01.10.2019
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OngoingFaculty of Medicine's Tuesday Keynote Seminars

Regularly on Tuesdays during the semesters external guest speakers are invited to the Faculty of Medicine to hold talks on defined themes or on the university's biomedical research strengths of oncology, transplantation, immunology and infectious diseases, genetic medicine, and cardiovascular disease.
Venue: Universitätsklinikum Essen, Main Administrative Building, Lecture Hall, 2nd Floor
Time: 12:15
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OngoingZMB Lunch Seminars

The ZMB Lunch Seminar is organized by the Centre for Medical Biotechnology (ZMB) and takes place on Wednesdays. Concept: 20 min presentation and 10 min discussion.
Venue: Campus Essen (T03 R04 D10/S05 V01 E69)
Time: 12.30 - 13.00
Current Programme: Upcoming talks will be announced via the ZMB mailing list. Subscribe to the mailing list (ZMB members only).

Summer 2019WTZ Oncological Lunch Seminars

The WTZ Oncological Lunch Seminars are organized by the Comprehensive Cancer Center and take place weekly during the semesters on Mondays.
Venue: Universitätsklinikum Essen, WTZ Building, Seminar Room WTZ-Stationen (Ground Floor)
Time: 14.00

04.2019 - 01.2020MFZ Research Seminars

The MFZ Research Seminars are organized by the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging and take place monthly on Fridays. Concept: 2 x (20 min presentation and 10 min discussion).
Venue: Universitätsklinikum Essen, MFZ Building, Room 0.019
Time: 09.00 - 10.00