Sex and Gender in the Life Sciences

A lecture series of UDE’s DFG networks in the field of Biomedical SciencesSex and Gender in the Life Sciences

The aim of the lecture series is to show perspectives on how research in the life sciences can utilize the analytical potential of the gender dimension and open up new directions. With reference to the expertise of the participating consortia, speakers will address core topics of the consortia and illustrate the relevance of the gender perspective using their own research results.

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Close to the beginning of each lecture, this is where you will find the link to the Zoom room.
When the time comes, click on the link and enter the Zoom room to join the lecture.

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Programme 2024


May 14th

Prof. Dr. Anke Hinney & PD Dr. Andrea Kindler-Röhrborn, UDE

Gender-sensitive medicine – it’s time!

Hosted by EKfG, ZMB & ELH

June 20th

Prof. Dr. Olaf Hiort, University of Lübeck

Do we have to re-define sex in biomedical research?

Hosted by CRC/TR 296

July 2nd

Dr. Lisa Deloch, University Hospital Erlangen

Gender and inflammation as influencing factors in radiation response:
What can we learn from low-dose radiotherapy?

Hosted by GRK 2762

August 1st

Dr. Silke M. Müller, UDE

Consideration of sex and gender in (the planning of research projects on) behavioral addictions

Hosted by FOR 2974

August 21st

Dr. Luisa Rajcsanyi & Prof. Dr. Selma Ugurel, University Medicine Essen

Biological sex and other determinants of biological diversity as influencers of immediate and long-term therapy outcome in melanoma

Hosted by CRU 337

Oktober 29th

Prof. Dr.  Sandra Iden, Saarland University

Heterotypic cell-cell communication and sex-specific differences in the skin

Hosted by CRC 1430

November 20th

Prof. Dr. Birgit Derntl, University Hospital Tübingen

Making sense of sex and gender in neuroscience

Hosted by CRC 1280

December 3rd

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Krämer, University of Lübeck

Impact of steroid hormones on affective behavior

Hosted by TRR 289


Participating Networks


FOR 2974: Affective and Cognitive Mechanisms of Specific Internet-Use Disorders

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Matthias Brand
Coordination: Dr. Annika Brandtner


Treatment Expectation

TRR 289: Treatment Expectation

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bingel
Coordination: Dr. Katharina Schmidt


CRU 337: Phenotypic Therapy and Immune Escape in Cancer                                      

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alexander Rösch
Coordination: Dr. Astrid Hensel


CRC/TR 296: Local Control of Thyroid Hormone ActionLocotact

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dagmar Führer-Sakel
Coordination: Dr. Lydia Borgelt


CRC 1280: Extinction LearningExtinction

UDE Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Timmann
Coordination: Sandra Linn


GRK 2762: Heterogeneity, Plasticity & Dynamics in Cancer Cell, Tumor
and Normal Tissue Responses to Cancer RadiotherapyGrk2762

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Verena Jendrossek
Coordination: Liza Psotta


CRC 1430: Molecular Mechanisms of Cell State TransitionsSfb1430

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hemmo Meyer
Coordination: Dr. Milena Parlak


Organizing Institutions

Dr. Franziska Günther

Erwin L. Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance (ELH)



Dr. Maren Jochimsen

Essen College of Gender Research (EKfG)


Dr. Maike Müller

Center of Medical Biotechnology (ZMB)