Highlights 2013

27-28.05.2013 European Workshop on Immune Integrity (IRUN)

As part of the IRUN biomedical strategy to promote our network’s universities, graduate schools and medical centres in Europe, RIMLS at Radboud University Nijmegen organised an international workshop on Immune Integrity, a survival kit for PhD students. This interactive and hands-on workshop involved over 35 PhD students and more than 15 group leaders from 6 different countries.

27.06.2013 BIOME Farewell

On the eve of her retirement, BIOME paid tribute to Elke Winterhager for her unfailing support, inspiration and input as a scientific coordinator of the core "Tumour and Signalling". Prof. Winterhager's dedication and commitment have contributed greatly towards the success of the graduate school since its establishment in 2010. Amongst other things, she initiated the Clinical Grand Rounds, a voluntary translational programme aimed at forging greater understanding between young biomedical researchers and their clinical colleagues. 

15.11.2013 BIOME Retreat on 15q11-q13 Day

A local retreat was held by two BIOME cores in Essen's city centre in November 2013. The meeting was organised by the doctorates for the doctorates, a concept that was enthusiastically embraced by the organising team consisting of Jolanthe Baingo, Tina Danielzik and Christina Heeke, with Stefanie Haller offering technical support on locus. At the close of the retreat, the new BIOME scientific coordinator, Laura Steenpass, held an introductory lecture on her research, drawing attention to it being the international centennial Angelman, Prader-Willi and Chromosome 15q Duplication syndrome day.

Annual Retreats 2013

RTG 1431: Gene Transcription
Venue: Beverlandhotel, Ostbevern

RTG 1739: Radiation Sciences
Venue: Schloss Raesfeld

Transplantation Medicine/ELAN
Venue: Universitätsklinikum Essen

Cellular and Molecular Immunology/Tumour and Signalling
Venue: Unperfekthaus, Essen

Ischaemia, Reperfusion and Angiogenesis
Venue: Hotel van Bebber, Xanten

Genetics and Cell Biology
Venue: Unperfekthaus, Essen

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