BIOME - Core: Tumour and Signalling

Lectures and research topics of the 3-year curriculum: The course introduces young scientists (Ph.D and/or M.D. graduates) to the cell and molecular biology of tumorigenesis and medical oncology. The lectures focus on signalling in tumours, intracellular signalling as well as the communication with the tissue environment. The course does not recapitulate textbook knowledge of signalling but gives insight into aberrant signalling and communication pathways during tumorigenesis and metastasis. Special emphasis is placed on new therapeutic concepts interfering with tumour-specific signalling. The course imparts knowledge on modern laboratory tools such as cell imaging, array technologies, proteomics and flow cytometry. Furthermore, the aim is to convey knowledge about up-to-date in vivo cancer models utilizing transgenic mouse technology. The lectures are accompanied by literature seminars to train members in the critical discussion of recent papers of interest, or seminars where graduates present their own results, thus furthering the extension of their presentation skills and the development of their own scientific projects. In addition, scientific guests are regularly invited to share their expertise with the doctorates within the framework of these lectures and seminars (which alternate on a weekly basis). The molecular and cell biological signature of the most important tumour entities are presented and correlated to clinical aspects. To achieve translational research, members are given the chance to participate in defined clinical grand rounds.


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