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Duisburg is located along the Rhine River, the Ruhr River, and the Rhine-Herne Canal, and near several lakes. This means that Duisburg is not only the largest inland port in Europe but also a center for recreational activities in and around the water. The harbor now features a “gastronomy mile” of excellent restaurants and cafes. And what were once smoky, dusty coal mining grounds have been converted into the adventure park Landschaftspark Nord (Duisburg-Nord Country Park), a regional attraction for sports and culture enthusiasts alike. These are just some of the unique and exciting features of the fully transformed, contemporary Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Numerous museums and the Duisburg Zoo have made Duisburg one of the area’s most popular excursion sites, frequented not only by foreign tourists but also by people from all over Germany.

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  • Population: 488,005
  • Area: 232.8 km²
  • Elevation: 33 m