CENIDE Nano Summer Program

Research Projects

Research Projects

Besides studying the basics of nanoscience theoretically in the lectures, participants will gain lab experience in intensive six-week research projects. These projects will take place in the labs of the UDE, alongside the center's academic staff. Participants will be individually supervised throughout the project by a scientist or a PhD student working on the same topic. In their research projects, the participants have the chance to work on important current issues in nanotechnology, all while gaining experience operating the extensive, cutting-edge equipment in the labs of the UDE.

All participants will meet on the lecture day at least once per week during the research-project phase to discuss their work and exchange experiences. To conclude the research projects, all participants will present their results in a two-day workshop at the end of the program, so that they can learn about each other's projects and gain skills in delivering scientific presentations.

The participants can choose from different topics for the research projects covering a wide range of aspects of nanoscience. The available topics will be announced to the participants early enough before the start of the summer program.


Photo: © CENIDE, UDE