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Maria Sulimma

Maria Sulimma is the post-doctoral researcher of the research group City Scripts. Her main field of interest includes literary and cultural studies, urban studies, popular culture, feminist media studies, and gender studies. Maria studied Political Science and English Philology at the University of Göttingen as well as Marmara Üniversitesi, Istanbul, and received her doctorate in North American Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin in 2018.

She has published on a range of topics related to media studies and gender: She has written a monograph on media representations of female politicians (Die anderen Ministerpräsidenten, 2014), published articles on gentrification in literature, podcasts, 19th century fiction, digital seriality and gaming communities, and gender and race in television shows. Her monograph Gender and Seriality: Practices and Politics of Contemporary US Television is published with Edinburgh University Press.

Her current research traces decidedly urban pastimes in literature of the 19th and 21st century with an eye for the ‘politics of prioritization’ they continue to further.

For further information about her academic activities and publications click here.

Contact: maria.sulimma@uaruhr.de

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