Graphic of projects. For further descriptions and links to the projects please scroll down.Artsy Rust Belts Green Metropoles Social Change for Engaging Cities Jazzing Up the Climate-Friendly City Diversity Gardening Raising Ethnic Voices Waterfront Reconquista

PhD Projects:

Artsy Rust Belts: Narratives of the Creative Class in Post-Industrial Cities from a Transatlantic Perspective

Green Metropoles: Conserving Whose World? Sustainability Standards in the U.S. and Germany

Social Change for Engaging Cities: Translating Urban 'Collective Impact' Initiatives between the Rust Belt and the Ruhr

Jazzing Up the Climate-Friendly City: Scripts for Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Rehabilitation in Detroit and the Ruhr

Diversity Gardening: Validating the 'Script of Green Strategies for Inclusive Urbanism'

Raising Ethnic Voices: Counter-Discourses in the Contemporary Cultural Scenes of New York City and Los Angeles

Waterfront Reconquista: Conflicting Scripts for Waterfront and Port Developments in Inland Harbor Cities