By airplane

The closest airport is Düsseldorf. Be aware that parts of the airport are under reconstruction. If you decide to take a Taxi, the fare will be approximately 40 EUR to Duisburg University. But you can also use public transport: From whatever Terminal you arrive at (usually it is either A oder C), take the free Shuttle-Bus to the new Airport-Railway-Station. Don't use the S-Bahn station located directly next to Terminal A and C. After buying a Ticket (you'll need "B") and stamping it, enter the next northbound train which stops at Duisburg. Public transport tickets are only valid on trains labelled "S" (S-Bahn), "RE" (Regional Express) and "SE" (Stadt-Express), where the last two are the faster ones. Depending on the train, the journey takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Leave the train at Duisburg main station (Hbf), and follow the same instructions as if you had arrived by train.

By train

Get off the train at Duisburg main station. In Duisburg main station you will find the subway stop. This may be not entirely trivial, as the entrance is not in the main hall of the station. Rather you stay on the platform at which your train arrives and go to the north end of it. There you find escalators that lead you to the street level. There you see the sign "U" for the subway. You take the subway no. 901, direction "Zoo/Universität" or direction "Mülheim". The next stop is already outside the tunnel. The third stop is "Zoo/Universitüt", where you get off the tram. You are now on Mülheimer Str.. Shortly before the stop the tram has crossed Lothar Str. At the corner between Lotharstr. and Mülheimer Str. you will find our building which consists of several round "cooky boxes". You enter through the main entrance in box MC. Take the stairs up to the 3rd floor, where you find the office, C 374.

By car

- Coming from the north/south on the autobahn A3: At the crossing (german: Kreuz) Duisburg-Kaiserberg (DU-Kaiserberg) proceed towards Essen. Still within the area of the crossing, i.e., before reaching the autobahn towards Essen, take the exit DU-Kaiserberg.

- Coming from the east/west on the autobahn A40 (former A2/A430): At the crossing (german: Kreuz) Duisburg-Kaiserberg (DU-Kaiserberg) follow the signs "DU-Kaiserberg". Take the exit DU-Kaiserberg.