CRC 1093 - Principal Investigator Thomas Schrader

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schrader

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Phone: +49 201 183 3081


Faculty of Chemistry
University of Duisburg-Essen

Chemical Ligands and Methods A3: Designed copolymers and molecular tweezers for protein surface recognition

In A3 inspection of protein crystal structures and theoretical simulations result in the selection of distinct methacrylamide-based monomers from a modular set of specific binders for all classes of amino acids. These mixtures will be subjected to radical copolymerization and later also to molecular imprinting, to produce specific protein surface binders as inhibitors of isolated digestive enzymes and HtrA proteases. In an alternative approach, powerful molecular lysine and arginine tweezers will be equipped with additional peptidic binding sites for their immediate protein environ-ment. These tailored molecular twezers will be directed to hot spots on proteins of all CRC partners.

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Selected Publications

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