Allocated disk space (quota) is exceeded

Each user has a default amount of allowed disk usage on mount point  '/scratch'  (actual hard limit are 5 TB).

On each login the so-called message-of-the-day prompts the personal status of the quota on /scratch, e.g.

Disk quotas for user xy123ab (uid 12345):
     Filesystem  kbytes   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
       /scratch 1785264656  5261334937 5368709120       -  351193       0       0       -

This report can also be requested by (here TB based amounts)

lfs quota -h -u `id -un` /scratch

In case of exceedance, a login is possible but no more data can be generated on /scratch, i.e. no more jobs can succesfully started/run. Then the user must first reduced the used disk space by transferring data to other storage. For further usage the /home folder or storage in each workgroup should be used. Final archiving can be done by TSM-archive server, please contact hpc-support-team .

Data transfer from and to magnitUDE