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Externe Veranstaltungen

Datum Ort Titel
14.-18.01.2019 LRZ Garching CFD with OpenFOAM®
28.-29.01.2019 LRZ Garching Introduction to Hybrid Programming in HPC
04.-08.02.2019 ZIH Dresden Parallel Programming with MPI, OpenMP, and Tools
18.-22.02.2019 ZIMT Siegen Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
11.03.-03.06.2019 HLRS Stuttgart Simulation on High Performance Computers - Simulation
11.-15.03.2019 HLRS Stuttgart CFD with OpenFOAM®
25.-29.03.2019 HLRS Stuttgart Iterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization
01.-05.04.2019 HLRS Stuttgart Optimization of Scaling and Node-level Performance on Hazel Hen (Cray XC40)
08.-10.04.2019 CSC Frankfurt Parallelization with MPI and OpenMP