Study Support & Doctoral Scholarships

Goals of the promotion of the gifted

"The individual support of highly motivated, qualified and also extra-disciplinarily committed young students and doctoral candidates by the organisations for the promotion of the gifted is intended to reach independent and (self-)critical individuals who see themselves as social actors with decision-making competence and a willingness to take responsibility."

(Source: Association of Organisations for the Promotion of the Gifted in the Federal Republic of Germany,

Basics: Financial support

The financial support is based on the BAföG rate, but does not have to be repaid!

Basic funding:

  • Independent of income: 300 € book allowance/month
  • Depending on parental income: additional individual support amount, max. 670 €/month (incl. health and care insurance) plus family supplement and childcare allowance, if applicable.
  • Support for stays abroad, internships abroad and language courses

Promotion funding:

  • Income-independent: 1150 euros per month plus 100 euros flat-rate research allowance, family allowance and flat-rate childcare allowance, if applicable.
  • Support for stays abroad etc.
Prof. Ziegler

Assignment of the funding agenciesFunding organisations with doctoral scholarships

Text Workshop "Applying for a Scholarship

Offer of the writing workshop at the Institute for Optional Studies (IOS) of the UDE:

  • What documents are common?
  • How do you prepare them?
  • What should one pay attention to?

Dates: 1 date per semester and on request.

Registration by e-mail: (subject: TW Scholarship)

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