Disability & Chronic illness

After a two-year project phase, the counselling centre for inclusion in the case of disability and chronic illness at the UDE was made permanent in 2013 and located in the ABZ. The aim is to implement the HRK recommendation "A University for All" (2009) in accordance with the legal norms, such as the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and the Disability Equality Act (BGG) in conjunction with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as specifically as possible for each location and university. The Representative for Disability in Studies was appointed for this purpose. The representative is entrusted with coordinative and advisory tasks in the structural area.

Due to the high number of students with disabilities/chronic illnesses (one in ten), which are not necessarily obvious, individual counselling for students with disabilities/chronic illnesses is offered at the ABZ by the Counselling Centre for Inclusion in the Event of Disability and Chronic Illness in order to provide information and counselling about equal opportunities and participation in studies as early as possible.

Inclusion concept

Design of barrier-free Moodle course rooms

Everyone benefits from a clear structure and a barrier-free design. The open Moodle course "Designing barrier-free Moodle course rooms" offers concrete tips on how to structure and design your own Moodle course rooms right from the start so that users with disabilities, for example, can use them without hurdles. Much of the content can be transferred to the design of websites and the creation of teaching/learning materials.

The course room has been published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence by the Moodle Competence Centre of the UDE, with the participation of staff from the Service Centre.

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