Vice-Rectorate for University Culture, Diversity & International Affairs


The Vice-Rectorate

Since its founding, the UDE has been involved in shaping sustainable, responsible and inclusive structural change in its region and beyond. Diversity management views diversity as an essential strength and potential of an academic institution. This involves a deeper understanding that diversity and plurality, difference and deviation, and mutual recognition are core characteristics of a strong university. The Vice-Rectorate for University Culture, Diversity & International Affairs is responsible for this.

The Diversity Commission

The scope of the Senate Commission (DiM) includes, in particular, fundamental questions of diversity management as well as the monitoring and support of measures taken by the university to make all aspects of everyday university life diversity-oriented.

To the Diversity Commission

Faculties and Administration

Diversity at UDE finds expression in many different programs and activities at the central and decentralized levels. Here you can find all diversity contact persons of the faculties and the administration.

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UDE Diversity Strategy

Here you will find the Diversity Strategy of the UDE, which presents the goals and guidelines for diversity management at the UDE. As well as fields of action, bundles of measures and potentials.

UDE Diversity Strategy (German)

Campus Diversity

The brochure "Campus Diversity", the aim of which is to present examples of the productive diversity at the UDE as well as strategic measures in the field of diversity management.

Brochure CAMPUS DIVERSITY (English)
Brochure CAMPUS DIVERSITY (German)

In the Archive: The Past Vice-Rectorates

Pictures and impressions of the Vice-Rectorates of the past years can be found in our archive.