Publications 2023


Bai, J.; Shewarega, F.; Vennegeerts, H.: Lechner, R.; Etz, G.; Unterholzer-Moser, M.:
Inrush-Currents of Series Combination of Transformer with In-phase Regulation and Phase Shifting Transformer at the Interface between Transmission and Distribution Networks
CIRED 2023, Rom, Paper 11094

Struwe, J.; Wrede, H.; Vennegeerts, H.:
System Characteristics of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Converter Systems
EPE'23 ECCE EUROPE, 25th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, September 4 - 8, 2023 – Aalborg, Dänemark

Struwe, J.; Wrede, H.; Vennegeerts, H.:
Validation Aspects for Grid-Forming Converters Based on System Characteristics and Inertia Impact
MDPI Energies 2023, Special Issue Grid-Connected Control Technology of Converter Connected Power Generation Systems,

Vennegeerts, H.; Shewarega, F.; Maherani, M.; Wöstefeld, M.; Sager, B.:
Abschlussbericht zum Forschungsprojekt NextGrid - Neue Umrichter-Regelungskonzepte für Energieversorgungssysteme mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien
21.09.2023. S. Nextgrid Abschlussbericht als PDF

Ashetehe, A. A., Shewarega, F., Bantyirga, B., Lakeou S. & Biru, G.:
Development of a Household Synthetic Load Profile for Rural Electrification
11th EAI International Conference on Advancements of Science and Technology (EAI ICAST 2023),