FOR 1993 - Subproject GM2

Subproject GM2: Exergetic analysis of reactive systems for polygeneration

In this project reaction paths within internal combustion engines which will be designed to produce work, heat and base chemicals will be analyzed thermodynamically. Such processes are known as polygeneration processes Determination of the exergy (availability) losses of different alternative concepts and the related process parameters provides a consistent method of assessing the value of the concepts. In addition, the balances of energy and availability for the motor projects (MM1 and MM2) within the research unit will be calculated using the experimental data. This will help to validate the models. Methane will be investigated as the first fuel, and synthesis gas (CO/H2) and higher alkenes will be analyzed as possible useful products. The calculations will initially follow equilibrium paths and subsequently be continued along kinetic paths as identified by predictive elementary reaction mechanisms. The main goal is to provide second law efficiencies for high temperature polygeneration concepts.

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